Why You Need To Start Playing the League of Legends

The League of Legends

The League of Legends is an action game with role playing elements that you can play online with other people. In this game, there are different teams with different attributes that you can play as. You can fight against other player’s one on one or with multiple players in different types of game modes. One of the great things about this game is that they are constantly adding new characters that you can use. Because of this, you will never grow bored with this game. It always offers new things…

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Swing Copters Playing Tips

swing copters

Swing Copters is surely an annoying game but if you had been missing the Flappy Bird, then get happy because alternative is available. Swing Copter is the creation of the developer of Flappy Bird with a similar simple yet complicated gameplay. Many people are already into playing the game and they are struggling to get through the beams and hammer successfully. There is no doubt in the fact that within 10 minutes of playing the game, you will get frustrated with how it makes you feel. But there are some…

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Samsung and LG presented new smart watches


Samsung and LG agreed to submit substantial smart watches in the country, promising to offer them worldwide between October and December. South Korean companies are not alone: in the framework of IFA (which will be from 5 to 10 September in Berlin), Sony is expected to renew its line of watches and Asus officially present its smartwatch, the Zenwatch. SAMSUNG GEAR S The Gear S is the sixth company smart watch, and combines two previous designs to provide Supler AMOLED screen, square as The Gear 2 but curve as that…

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Why the Galaxy S5 is still a cut above the rest

Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 burst onto the scene almost four and a half months ago, in April 2014 although with the design specifics and running software, you would still think it to be just four and a half minutes ago that it came to life. While the phone was previously branded as simply a ‘successor’ to the Samsung Galaxy S4 – due to the fact that it was seen as marginally better than its predecessor – there is actually a lot to adore about the S5. To begin with, the…

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Show a digital textbook that changes its content depending on the student

openstax digital textbook

The non-profit project OpenStax, incubated within Rice University in Houston, said it is working on the development of an intelligent book for high school students. The objective of this initiative is to create a text that suits their content to the learning needs of each student. OpenStax is an initiative created by a group of private foundations in order to produce open textbooks (in the same sense that a program can be open source) for college students. Now, thanks to a donation of $9 million from Laura and John Arnold…

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Samsung cheers up to the metal and presented Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung confirmed all previous rumors and unveiled the Galaxy Alpha, the metallic frame smartphone that combines a 4.7 inch display with a sleek design, with a thickness of 6.7 mm, one of the thinnest segment along the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, 6.4 mm, and Huawei Ascend P6 with 6.18 mm. However, it is one of the slimmest models within the prolific Galaxy line of Samsung, which stands out above the rest by the use of a metal framework in the design of the equipment, one of the points raised in…

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Set the standard for the new reversible USB

reversible USB

The next USB connector is reversible. The group that promotes this standard; announced it last December; and in April the first images of met what could be the new record. But the design is finalized: the USB Promoter Group announced the type-C connector (the current ones are A and B) for the USB. What is its greatest strength? It is reversible, i.e., do not meet its position when inserted into the USB port. That’s the good news, like the fact that it allows more bandwidth for data transfer (10 Gbps)…

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Microsoft plans to launch an application to create videos in hyperlapse

create videos in hyperlapse

The company experienced a new function for mobile devices to capture video on the technique known to time-lapse mode combine with camera shake and achieve a very stable movement… Microsoft experiments with an application to take videos in the first person with a technique known as hyperlapse based on combining multiple images taken at timelapse style, but here are taken with a moving camera and a stabilization process. The modality is often complex and requires special planning in the use of video cameras, but the company plans to streamline the…

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Creates a chip that functions as a brain

Researchers from IBM introduced a chip that the size of a postage stamp that operates like a supercomputer and mimics the functioning of the human brain. For example, in a standard video test could recognize the presence of people, cyclists, trees and other objects with greater accuracy, speed and economy than any conventional computer resources. The chip so-called “neurosynaptic” opens up a whole range of possibilities in computing, from cars that run themselves to artificial intelligence systems that can be installed on smartphones, explained their creators. Researchers at IBM, Tech…

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Peugeot and LoJack launched an app to locate cars

Car Safe

Just as mobile phones and tablets can be administered remotely through the use of GPS, vehicles can also use this technology to expand the services and benefits that it can have on hand in the driver, beyond using the hands-free service or synchronize a smartphone. Thus, functions as locating a vehicle in a parking lot or limit its use to certain areas using a mobile phone are now possible by applying Car Safe, developed jointly by Peugeot and the company of localization and recovered from vehicles LoJack and available exclusively…

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