The Size And Quality Of The Video Matters

video resolution

The pixel given in terms of the width and height is the resolution. There is a standard resolution and high definition resolution. For videos in DVD there are many options in standard resolution. The numbers also vary in High Definition resolution. However there is a limitation to the number attached to standard and high definition. The video resolution has to be adjusted in size to be able to support in computers, tablets and mobile phones. But mobile phones need specific resolution that is supported. By increasing the resolution of the…

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MIT creates a custom home that is controlled with gestures


The MIT continues to amaze the world with their projects. This time, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is focused on solving domestic problems of space, which exists in the majority of large cities. This system called “CityHome”, is a set of drop-down motorized modules that include bed, closet, kitchen, dining table with chairs or desk to work. All this shows the size of a large closet and can move around the house to make more room, and all its parts respond to gestures.

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Why use a premium wordpress theme for a law firm website


These days, the presence of a website is a necessity for every brand and business. This has spread towards service rendering sectors such as legal services. The reason for this is quite easy to trace; a website for any law firm is an excellent way to drive traffic towards the firm. Leads will readily be generated more easily to a law firm with an online presence than one which doesn’t have one. However, the presence of the website is not enough on its own as this website has to catch…

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Bluetooth Speakers: An easy Way to Create the Musical Backdrop

bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers in the recent times earn a noteworthy popularity due to the portable feature it accumulates. Using the Bluetooth speakers you can easily share the music to the other room that eliminates the additional expenses to install the Airplay systems or the Sono speakers. Therefore, your friends and the other members will not be refrained listening to the nice tracks as you acquire the portable Bluetooth speakers. How you understand which one represents a suitable home Bluetooth speaker? Choosing the Bluetooth speakers sound comes out as the foremost feature…

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Facebook adds buttons to ask personal data

facebook button ask

Though exposure we’ve gone from the creation of Facebook, some people still prefer to hide certain aspects of their personal lives in their profiles. For those curious, who no longer know that other prefer to keep secret, there is a new way to find out: buttons to ask. The platform is testing this new tool, according to the U.S. portal Business Insider, so it is not even visible to all the members. There was also no official announcement from the developers. The function is simple: just press a button where…

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Create a robot capable of catching everything that will be thrown

robot catching everything

Engineers of United States created a robotic hand able to catch objects in the air at 2 milliseconds. Its creators believe it could be perfect to collect space junk. How they do it? This robot is able to calculate and predict the path of an approaching object in the air and move hand to the correct position at full speed to catch it instantly. The robotic arm is 1.5 meters long and has three joints and multiple sensors and cameras that capture all the information needed.

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SnapChat deceived users: Messages not disappear

snapchat deceived users

Snapchat a very popular messaging application in the United States, has reached an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that was accused of tricking users with the promise of “disappearance” of messages. The FCC said that the claims of the company able to fade all messages sent through its application were misleading and false. The Commission says in a statement that in reality, shared through Snapchat messages or photographs could be captured and stored permanently through third party applications, and other methods as the usual “screenshot” that offer phones.

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Data Recovery Software Solve Your Data Troubles

Whenever we hear the word free, it usually comes with a catch. So when there’s a free data recovery software that is available, we would expect that it would not come with the full features that we come to know of. Having to download data recovery software from online and start using it is a breeze. All you need is to fill in your particulars as well as a working email then you’re set to go. A download link will then be sent to your email. It can be used…

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Why Cloud Hosting/Backup Is Better Than Standard Hosting

cloud hosting

If you’ve been paying attention to how the Internet is constantly changing, you’ve probably taken notice of cloud technology and how it’s revolutionizing the way we do business. Cloud technology has a wide array of benefits that traditional standard hosting can’t compare to. Soon, standard web hosting will be a thing of the past and cloud technology will be the mainstream way to host and backup important files. As a matter of fact, you can already see how cloud technology is taking over as a mainstream server technology. Cloud Hosting…

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