Facebook introduced Slingshot, a new application for sharing photos and video

facebook introduced slingshot

It allows you to publish content that require a picture or selfie to change that then are deleted automatically, like its rival Snapchat. Having tried to acquire Snapchat and having bought WhatsApp for 19,000 million dollars, Facebook tries to return to the field of mobile instant messaging with Slingshot, an application that allows users to exchange photos and videos that self-destruct after being viewed by recipients.

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How to Mix Your SEO and Content Marketing for Better Results

search engine technique

If you opt to just create normal content without performing any SEO, you might have an incredible read which no one can actually discover to share and build relationships. Alternatively, if you have some good technical SEO although with no content, your audience isn’t likely to be able to build any relationship with you. As lookup marketers, it is important to use the two together as well as blend them included in an ongoing search marketing technique. Create Wiki Content material Wikipedia is extremely powerful when it comes to producing…

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The cloud storage: adding value to information

cloud storage service

At a time when the information produced daily in the network exceeds 2.5 quintillion bytes, according to IBM, companies are forced to find models for managing and storing information. This is possible by means of virtual servers to which we have permanent access from internet. This explains the increase in utilization in the business field of cloud storage services, in which the company buys or rents (to companies operating virtual servers) a particular accommodation capacity. This model, usually operated by third parties, has replaced the data storage on dedicated servers…

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Lian Li DK 02: A real desktop PC

Lian Li DK 02

Technologies to wear that smart homes, tablets or smartphones; something tells us that in the future the PC will leave the desk, possibly forever. However, far from being a pressure, for some it is an opportunity to rethink the concept of home computer. This is the case of Lian Li, one of the largest manufacturers of PC cases in the world, who decided to radicalize the idea of PC desktop with DK 02. This model neglects any idea of maximizing space or weight, the DK02 is literally a desktop design,…

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Show special gloves to interact with virtual objects

Control VR

The world of virtual reality is experiencing a time of great development, largely courtesy of the efforts of Oculus, the company that created the virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, which later was acquired by Facebook. While Sony prepares its own virtual reality headset and rumors arise that other companies would be thinking of doing their own version, a draft joint financing on Kickstarter seeking money to finance his idea to create special gloves that attached to the system that controls the Oculus Rift glasses, allowing virtual objects to manipulate the…

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Intel looks for the future notebooks do not use fans and chargers

intel future notebooks

Intel introduced its processor manufactured with 14 nanometer technology (the minimum size of a transistor inside the chip), a model that will allow for future models of laptops without a fan. The announcement, made at the Computex technology exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, upcoming models allow equipment 2 in 1, combining the functions of a tablet with a notebook, arriving by even thinner and lighter versions. Known under the name of Intel Core M, this 14-nanometer processor is part of the fourth generation of chips from the company, known as Broadwell.…

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What is Web Hosting?

types of web hosting

Most of us have heard the term “web hosting”, but how many of us know what it actually is? If you are an individual or business and you want a website to promote yourself, you must deal with a web hosting company in order to publish your site. When you consult a web hosting company, they give you the tools and information that you need to make your website live on the World Wide Web. Many web hosting companies offer a wide range of features, but all of them have…

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The Size And Quality Of The Video Matters

video resolution

The pixel given in terms of the width and height is the resolution. There is a standard resolution and high definition resolution. For videos in DVD there are many options in standard resolution. The numbers also vary in High Definition resolution. However there is a limitation to the number attached to standard and high definition. The video resolution has to be adjusted in size to be able to support in computers, tablets and mobile phones. But mobile phones need specific resolution that is supported. By increasing the resolution of the…

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MIT creates a custom home that is controlled with gestures


The MIT continues to amaze the world with their projects. This time, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is focused on solving domestic problems of space, which exists in the majority of large cities. This system called “CityHome”, is a set of drop-down motorized modules that include bed, closet, kitchen, dining table with chairs or desk to work. All this shows the size of a large closet and can move around the house to make more room, and all its parts respond to gestures.

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