Google will offer a preview of the images in Gmail messages

gmail preview images

Something as simple as automatic preview images in Gmail messages was restricted so far. This method was used by Google for security, and required the user to authorize the system to see photos attached to a sender. However, the Google service will now allow photos automatically attached in e-mail message, either in its web version and applications for mobile devices, iOS and Android. For this, the company implemented a secure proxy service to ensure the safety of online users. Google says that, in this way, Gmail users will see a…

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AMD R7 260X, analysis

AMD R7 260X

Having already used almost all of the R9 (290x, 290 and 280X; soon there will be more) is the shift down a notch and go for the lesser family. The AMD R7, graphics cards evolved from past generations but have also seen small changes in price and design. We start with the AMD R7 260X. For about 130 euros and we can find some other manufacturer that sells this midrange model to be considered as an evolution of the AMD 7790. Same core Bonaire XTX, small format (any model will…

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Piixl jetpack, hiding the steam machine behind the tv

Piixl jetpack

New Steam Machines must come with designs and different ideas of what we can expect from a traditional desktop console, a good example is Piixl jetpack. The name already invites us to think that it is something that goes in the back, in this case the back of your television. That’s the Pixxl idea; hide the playground equipment behind the screen, instead of a box that would occupy a space in our furniture.

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SpaceX successfully launched its first commercial satellite

Luxembourg SES

After a series of delays since November 25, the U.S. space technology company SpaceX launched Tuesday night successfully its first commercial satellite, Luxembourg SES group. The two-story rocket Falcon 9 blasted off as scheduled at 22h41 GMT station from the U.S. Air Force from Cape Canaveral in Florida (southern United States), when initiating a launch window of 90 minutes. The SES-8 geostationary satellite of 100 million dollars and 2.9 tonnes was first placed in an orbit called “parking” (Park) remained attached to the second floor of the launcher.

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Linux Mint 16 is available for download

linux Mint 16

It is already published and available for download version of Linux Mint 16 (called Petra), one of the Linux distributions that has grown in recent times. This distribution, like previous versions, is based on Ubuntu and has two desktop environments, Cinnamon and MATE, the latter created by Argentinian German Perugorria. Mint is the distribution where many washed up after the change to Ubuntu Unity interface (which is still evolving), because it offers a choice of classic interface (horizontal bars tools, Windows type button to see all applications, etc.).

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Smart TVs, under scrutiny for spying on users

LG Smart TV

The rise of electronic devices with permanent connection to the Internet reached every corner of the home, and the TVs were not excluded from this trend. Known as Smart TV, offering additional services such as access to social networking, news and content via streaming. However, the behavior of your LG Smart TV caught attention to Jason Huntley, a technology consultant that thought it was strange that the home interface will show you ads related to the movies and series that he had seen. In this situation, the Smart TV connected…

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Software to harness the potential of inaccurate chips

potential of inaccurate chips

A new way of programming will better match the fidelity of implementation and the savings of time and energy in future computers. As transistors become smaller, also become less reliable. So far, chip designers have been able to solve that problem, but in the future this trend to instability could make computers stop improving the pace at which we are accustomed. A third possibility, that some researchers have begun to value, is just let our computers make more mistakes in tasks for which the accuracy is not essential.

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Oracle Certification Exam for the Customer Hub

A single certification exam, the 1Z0-587, is all that is required for earning the Oracle Customer Hub and Data Quality Certified Implementation Specialist certification. This exam, which is entitled the Oracle Customer Hub and Oracle Data Quality Essentials, is designed for IT personnel with between two and four years of field experience in implementation projects that involve the Master Data Management solutions from Oracle; however, the 1Z0-587 is open to any individual that wishes to obtain certification in the discipline. There are a total of 71 questions presented on the…

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New Creative T4-Wireless Speaker System

Creative T4-Wireless Speaker

Creative is selling its new sound system Creative T4-Wireless. It is a 2.1 wireless speaker system that features the latest technology in sound and communications. It is designed for use any corner in the house, given its small size. This new Creative series is the GigaWorks T3 successor, which was several times awarded for its excellent audio quality and comfort thanks to wireless technology. It comes equipped with aptX and AAC codecs technology, obtaining with this a high resolution sound even though the communication with the device is done via…

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Google updated its Google+ app for iOS

Google+ app for iOS

Google has just launched Google+ update for iOS. Almost a month has passed since the company made public that he was working on an improvement that would allow to backup photos and video in high resolution. Well, Frank Petterson, announced in his Google+ account that was already available for download in App Store. As we said about the improvements that have been made, other than a redesign of the notification tray, which is more in keeping with the style of iOS 7, there is the possibility to users only and…

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