Samsung HW-F850, sound bar with NFC

Samsung HW-F850

Samsung has introduced its new concept of soundbar, the HW-F850. It is an ideal model to combine with the most modern 60″ LED TVs. It has with NFC technology, allowing linked to any device that has this wireless communication technology, as the most modern Smartphones and Tablets. In addition, if an older device it is also no problem since can connect via Bluetooth too, thanks to Soundshare technology, which also provided.

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WD My Passport Air: 1TB hard drive for Mac

WD My Passport Air

Western Digital has just introduced a new portable hard drive My Passport Air of 1TB for Mac users. As you know is one of the most pioneering brands in storage technology and network equipment. It is raised as a complement and perfect companion for the designs of the MacBook and MacBook Air, following the line of pure aluminum outer shell with a thickness of 11mm to provide greater security to the device and therefore its contents.

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The new SD cards will support 4K video

SD Ultra High Speed

The SD Association has just published a new specification of the SD standard called Ultra High Speed ​​(UHS) Class 3 (U3), aiming to ensure that SD cards that comply with it will be able to work with content in 4K quality. Of course, the new cards are compatible with current devices. The paper presented the SD Association specifies that the new cards should offer a minimum transfer rate of 30 Mbytes per second, a figure more than enough to record or play 4K video with full fluency. So far, the…

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AMD Radeon R9 290, launch

AMD Radeon R9 290

AMD completes the new generation of 200 series dedicated graphics cards with the launch of the Radeon R9 290, second version with “Hawaii” core and cropped R9 Radeon 290x edition but with a very interesting price to specifications. Cousin of the Radeon 290x R9, R9 290 shares its most features, starting with the same core graphics Hawaii, BCM 1.1 architecture, manufacturing by TSMC 28-nanometer processes, 6,200 million transistors, the memory interface of 512 bits or dedicated 4GB GDDR5.

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Google improves security of passwords stored in Chrome

chrome password security

One of the most criticized aspects of Chrome was undoubtedly the lack of security that showed the browser compared to the passwords we had stored on it, which can have very negative consequences for the end user. In this sense seemed necessary to change that, finally, it seems that they are on their way. Yes, Google has finally taken up the matter and give brief kick off a new security measure with which to protect our passwords saved on Chrome.

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D-Link introduces its new EyeOn Baby Camera DCS-825L

EyeOn Baby Camera DCS-825L

D-Link has launched a new EyeOn Baby Camera DCS-825L, a camera specially designed for the care of the little ones who also has all the advantages of the application mydlink Baby, forming a totally reliable solution and fully functional under WiFi connection. A level of performance the Baby Camera DCS-825L delivers HD quality and is able to record both day and night, and that includes night vision. But that’s not all, as it also has a temperature sensor, something very useful to avoid that our small suffers by the weather.

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EIZO FORIS FG242: First 240 Hz monitor for gaming


The Japanese manufacturer specializing in visual display presented the high performance EIZO FORIS FG2421, advertised as the first gaming monitor with refresh rate of 240Hz. The EIZO FORIS FG2421 uses a VA LED backlit LCD panel, 23.5-inch screen and Full HD 1920 x 1080 native resolution. It has viewing angles of 174 degrees, static contrast ratio 5,000:1 and less than 1 millisecond response time.

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Origin PC EON17-SLX, maximum power in laptops

Origin PC EON17-SLX

The Integrator specialized in high performance equipment, has updated the notebook Origin PC EON17-SLX, adding dual graphics GeForce GTX 780M dedicated to their already impressive specifications. Forget ultralight PC because the Source EON17-SLX is not intended by design, consumption or weight to the high mobility, but to have a ‘transportable’ peak power portable machine for the enthusiast market, players and even more professional applications depending on settings to choose between multiple choices.

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ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201

ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201

ASUS has announced the official launch of the Transformer Book Trio TX201, a device available on November that boasts versatility as offer any tablet, laptop and desktop computer. The concept of hybrid/convertible/convertible shown in all its glory on devices such as the Transformer Book Trio TX201, a device allows us at the touch of dedicated key use operating systems Android installs or Windows 8. It is composed of a base and a screen which can be assembled/disassembled by a simple insertion, which can operate together or separately.

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Facebook will not introduce automatic video with ads, for now

facebook automatic videos

The popular social network is getting enough pressure from advertisers to insert advertising in the form of automatic videos, which eventually end up coming but for now have decided to delay. Facebook knows almost everything about their users, where they live, where they like to go, their favorite brands and so on, making the social network into a gold mine for advertisers. In this sense, video advertising has a greater impact through its visual format and also can be customized based on the information and data from each user as…

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