Microsoft plans to create rival to Google Glass

plans to create rival to Google Glass

Probably the most talked about gadget of all time, at least without any formalized its release to the widespread market, the Google Glass, will change the way of presenting products and make them known, as well as our daily lives so that we could seen in the promotional videos and evidence that have crept into the network. However, the expectation for Google Glass is not just something of the public, ie mortals we’ve been gawking looking at new project that we can change our daily substantially, but has also caused…

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Dash: World’s smallest fisheye lens camera

dash camera

We know that many of our readers like it when they talk about these curious gadgets that come onto the market without making much noise, basically because there is not a large company behind them, but that are converted to real accessories to capitalize to the world of consumer electronics. But with the rise of online investment platforms in which anyone can submit a project, raising funds and bet to develop the idea, it is precisely in these areas that we need to look for inspiration. And although in this…

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If the battery matter, Cowon is your player

Cowon player

Probably for many, when it comes to choosing a gadget, what matters most to them is not the design, nor the screen that was so much in fashion to be the last, but the most important thing there is the autonomy that offers them, these everlasting careers are avoided, in the least opportune moments to find where to load it. And taking advantage of the fact that it s been a long time since we talked about the music players, and that in reality the iPod continues to dominate the…

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The Wii U is being a failure that Nintendo does not assimilate

Nintendo Wii U

We like crazy waiting for the other manufacturers present their new models of consoles. We speak of course of Sony and Microsoft, with their XBox 720 and Playstation 3. However, precisely because the renewal is already taking too long for some, especially for those who believe that the hardware of the consoles should change much faster than it does, this should be a good time for Nintendo, with its new Nintendo Wii U.

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The various functions of lead management software

lead management software

The potential client’s are the most essential things for any business. Tracking the correct conductors and cable management is the most essential thing to increase sales of any business. Moreover, efficient lead management is the key to success for any business you choose. In fact, it is very essential to have a proper cable management system ready to keep things organized and smooth operation of the business. The point is that with proper cable management, lead generation and lead tracking are equally important. Always bear in mind that where there…

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Sony MDR-XB910 Headphones with HiFi Sound

Sony MDR-XB910

Sony has unveiled its new headphones under the name Sony MDR-XB910. These are high-end headphones that will sound with high fidelity and has a sleek modern design. The Sony MDR-XB910, manage to give us a clean and deep sound; the serious, even make headphones come to vibrate as its have feature a technology called Adavanced Direct Vibe Structure, which achieves more powerful subwoofer, deep and intense, and have a spectacular treble definition.

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Online Games addiction

games addiction

There are some people that worry about addiction to playing online games. They has been some research done in this area, comparing it to gambling addiction. However, whether you believe that the games are addictive will depend on how you define addiction. Some people feel there has to be a physical substance to be addicted to but others argue that the brain can produce chemicals that you can get addicted to. There are lots of sites in the web where people can play free games.

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New Tivo Mini to watch cable TV in any room of the house

TiVo Mini

The new TiVo Mini allows us to bring the cable programming to any room in the house without having another DVR. There is also a cable, but not for what you believe. The Mini does not have an internal tuner, which is also why not have a CableCARD slot. Instead, it is based on one of four tuners on a TiVo Premiere for live TV. TiVo owners with only dual tuner models have no chance since the Mini requires at least one of four tuners. The cable mentioned earlier is…

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The digital camera of Polariod Instagram on sale

socialmatic digital camera

The Socialmatic digital camera will reach the windows in the first quarter of 2014. According to the press release issued by the executive director of the firm, they have reached an agreement with Polaroid to turn into reality the Instagram prototype. In a few months, Instagram became the most used application on iOS photo sharing, reaching a whopping seven million users. The app began as a more to portray the world around us in an original and extremely fun soon became a mass phenomenon contemporary. Its stunning worldwide success and…

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March 27 will be released the Wii Mini

Wii Mini

Given that the sales results of the new Wii U are not expected, it seems that Nintendo has decided to launch a new finish to enhance sales. And so in a few weeks, on March 27, will go on sale Wii Mini, a new version of the popular console whose size (and price) will be slightly reduced. The launch of the new console will also include a series of family games framed within Nintendo Selects.

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