Drones, balloons and satellites, the recipe of Facebook to connect the world

drones for facebook

The leader of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, a group of experts in computer science, aeronautics and aerospace technology that are developing systems to carry Internet everywhere on the planet. Technicians, some of whom passed before NASA or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), studying the use of drones (small helicopters) and satellites can transmit Internet signals using infrared lasers. The team is part of the initiative internet.org by Zuckerberg in 2013 in collaboration with Nokia, Samsung and Qualcomm, among other companies, which aims to provide connectivity to 5000 million people living…

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Create a pen that detects spelling errors


Although the art of writing by hand seems a habit that is obsolete before the advance of electronic devices, a new invention could return the charm to wield a pen. While almost ubiquitous computers and mobile phones, allows avoiding embarrassing mistakes when typing, when it comes to writing with pen one is exposed. However, Lernstift (in German “pen to learn”) seems the dream of every parent or teacher: a pen that warns when the child makes a spelling mistake.

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How is Steam OS, the system that seeks to compete with Microsoft and Sony

characteristics of SteamOS

Valve is one of the most important companies in the video game market. Its franchises include Half Life, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress, but its main business is software that acts as the shop with that small and large game development companies may sell and distribute their products in a flexible and transparent manner. Steam was erected years ago as the choice more important when buying games in digital form. Far from content with the success of the platform, Valve redoubled its commitment to the growing entertainment…

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Google will encrypt all Gmail messages

gmail message

The massive spying in the United States had repercussions on all thought of technology companies. After the revelations that started Edward Snowden and the subsequent scandal, Google decided that, from now on, all messages from Gmail use encrypted HTTPS connection from the moment you read or send email. The HTTPS connection was available from the launch of Gmail in 2004 to enter the username and password, and six years later Google implemented it as a default. This new scheme means that communication will be encrypted during the tour of the…

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Sony introduced Project Morpheus, its virtual reality viewer for PlayStation 4

Project Morpheus

Sony looking to dive into return of virtual reality video games and announced Project Morpheus, a prototype equipped with a five inches LCD display, which seeks to provide users of the PlayStation 4 a more realistic and immersive experience. Its design shaped display will function in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera system, along with a series of sensors that will allow the gamer to have a fluid motion in real time within the game. The display consists of five inches LCD screen, divided into two, each with a resolution of…

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Microsoft is all set to launch Office for Apple iPad

Office for Apple iPad

The office application Office suite will have a version for the Apple iPad tablet on March 27. Thus, Satya Nadella, new Microsoft CEO, is responsible for conducting one of his first announcements stronger after assuming his post in replacement of Steve Ballmer. With this release, Microsoft seeks to promote entry into the tablet segment of its software that generates more revenue, estimated at 2.5 billion dollars a year. Their choice is not accidental, since Apple Tablet line has sold some 200 million units, according to estimates from several analysts.

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Under one roof: Android and Windows get into hybrid devices

android and windows

Computers and electronic devices with a split personality, with some models to use both Windows and Android, ceased to be just a quirk of some experimental prototypes and began to earn its place in the technology industry. And not everything is limited to the coexistence of Google and Microsoft under one roof: Chinese manufacturer Huawei plans to launch a mobile phone with dual OS, Android and Windows Phone. On the side of personal computers, Samsung also has a device of this type with the Ativ Q model, presented in 2013.…

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A robot managed to solve the Rubik’s cube in less than 4 seconds

CubeStormer 3 robot

Developed with Lego bricks and equipped with a Samsung Galaxy S4 as brain, CubeStormer 3 resolved in 3.253 seconds and improved its previous record of 5.5 seconds, recorded in 2011. The CubeStormer 3 robot, developed with lego bricks and equipped with a smartphone camera, managed to overcome their own brand to solve the Rubik cube in 3.253 seconds. So prior, chipmaker ARM recorded a mark of 5.5 seconds in 2011, which was matched by the Dutch Mats Valk two years later, recording a 5.55 seconds and consecrated as the fastest…

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Google adds changes in the results of its web browser

google adds

Google made changes to the results of its flagship Web browser, with a subtle redesign unlike other changes that the company implemented. Thus, queries made by users are displayed with a larger font, a new distribution of links and a new way of displaying the ads, the main source of income for the U.S. firm. Unlike the previous version, this design shows warnings first without the pink background that identified each of the links related to its AdWords platform. This new view provides advertising web links accompanied with a small…

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Apple released the iOS 7.1 update

apple released iOS 7.1

Apple released the 7.1 update to its operating system for mobile devices. In the past six months had published minor updates (especially security issues that corrected) but this is a larger version (similar in importance to that liberated its competitors like Samsung, Motorola or Nokia this year). It is compatible with iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or higher, and 5th-generation iPod Touch. The update renames mode use in a car, now is CarPlay and allows the use of Siri to control your phone with your voice as you are…

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