HP Instant Ink, towards an economy on replacing ink cartridges

HP Instant Ink

Print can sometimes be very expensive. In addition, if we are not careful, might be running out of ink precisely at the time or you want to print documents. To address both problems, HP launched the service of ink cartridge replacement Instant Ink. Consumers can achieve a 70 percent reduction in their carbon footprint related to ink purchase and disposal by participating in HP Instant Ink which is also a move in the right direction towards sustainable packaging. If today the printers are rather cheap, the cartridges are much less.…

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Rollei unveils waterproof and shockproof camera Sportsline 100

Rollei Sportsline 100

The Rollei brand, specialist in the field of photography and embedded video, has announced the release of a new compact digital camera model ready to face any terrain or almost. Colorful, waterproof and shockproof, it is aimed at a wide audience. The new digital camera Rollei Sportsline 100 is a compact, water resistant to 10m deep and can withstand drops from a height of 1.5m, according to its manufacturer. It is equipped with a Sony 20MP sensor with a 4x optical zoom.

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Lenovo Smart Cast, a smartphone concept with integrated laser projector

Lenovo Smart Cast

There are several months now proposed a Samsung smartphone with a laser projector to enjoy a wide image on a wall in situation of mobility. Today, the principle resurfaced with Lenovo Unveils Smart Cast, a smartphone that goes further because it allows interacting with the projection. The Samsung Galaxy Beam integrates a projector to project a picture onto a screen or wall and that, in any situation. Released in 2012, the machine has a great success despite its innovative principle yet. Currently, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo takes its Tech World…

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Volvo On Call, the application to control your Volvo from connected watches

Volvo On Call

The automotive industry embraces more and more new technologies in the image of the Volvo constructor that multiplies the innovations in this sector. Thus, the firm has announced the availability of a new update for its implementation Volvo On Call application, which now allows you to control certain functions of your car from a smartphone, but also from a connected Apple Watch or under Android Wear. Before you can drive a car through a connected watch, manufacturers innovate by offering new functionality. Thus, Audi had demonstrated at the last show…

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A 10 Minute Guide to Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned web professional, creating a web design that is responsive can be very confusing. But because more and more consumers are surfing the web using mobile devices, it’s imperative that you have a responsive web design that shows your website correctly to users no matter what devices they’re using. Here is a short guide for helping you make sure your site’s design is responsive. Optimize the Layout of the Content The first order of business is to optimize the layout of the content. When…

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Choose the connected cap Lifebeam Smart Hat to track your activity

Lifebeam Smart Hat

The connected objects are now everywhere and in different forms. One of the latest in comes in the form of a cap that embeds several sensors and a Bluetooth connection. An alternative to the connected watch to count steps and monitor activity. Now, although we know that we can measure daily activity through a connected watch. But other devices will also appear and may represent a serious alternative to this type of monitoring: the connected headset. Screwed on the head (this is an expression, the cap is normally worn like…

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Seiren Razer Pro, microphone for quality recordings

Seiren Razer Pro

Today, posting a video on YouTube has become extremely easy and this digital activity is increasingly practiced. Still, in many cases, the quality of the audio recordings leaves much to be desired. Razer has announced the release of a digital microphone specially designed for those who want to make no compromise on quality. The new microphone Seiren Razer Pro is a device that is for YouTube contributors or those who wish to make quality audio recordings. With an XLR and USB connection socket can be easily connected to a suitable…

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Iconia One 8, a new Tablet designed for the touch

Acer Iconia One 8

The manufacturer Acer has announced the release of a new touchscreen tablet, Iconia One 8. Equipped with 8 inch touch screen, it relies on advanced features like the ability to use it with any tip and recognize gestures in order to run different functions. Currently, it must be said that tablets will follow and are very similar in terms of design and functionality. However, Acer released Iconia One 8, a device that relies on technologies built into the screen and especially Precision Plus which offers, according to the manufacturer, a…

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The Seaboard, a revolutionary music interface

The Seaboard

At first, The Seaboard has everything a traditional keyboard. But looking more closely, we realize that with its surface of contact in silicone, this instrument is not really like the others. On a classic piano, each key has a specified height. The Seaboard, meanwhile, is not limited by ratings or even by keys. Under his silicone keyboard, the device embeds a series of pressure sensors that allow expression of sound that a traditional keyboard would not allow.

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Firefox Vs Internet Explorer What You Need To Know

Firefox or Internet Explorer

The debate about Firefox or Internet Explorer, which is the best browser, has been going on for a long time now. While both the browsers have its own share of loyal users’ base around the world it is still an open race, it cannot be pinpointed yet that a certain browser is better than the other. Both the browsers have its own unique features and comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you are doing a comparison between Firefox and Internet then here is what you need…

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