OpenStreetMap implements function of routes


OpenStreetMap, the great collaborative and free alternative to commercial maps services, announces that it incorporates features of its web portal planning of routes between two points, on foot, by bike and car. As explained in the blog project this very basic function, present in neither other services so long, nor it is new to OpenStreetMap, because through third party developers such a possibility, including applications for mobile devices. The novelty is its implementation on the official site.

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Sony SmartEyeGlass for developer will cost €670

Sony SmartEyeGlass

After Google decided to side with Google Glass, recognizing that things did not go as expected, Sony continues his idea to market their SmartEyeglass, which as we advance some features. After months of development the company has decided to launch a version of his glasses in 10 countries intended for developers, the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 , which in the Eurozone will the price of 670 euro, which come to be about $840 for Americans.

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TAGO Arc: Electronic ink bracelet that can change its design

Tago Arc

Tago Arc is funded through Indiegogo which aims to sell an original bracelet, as its design can be changed by using electronic ink to display other of any kind, including phrases using the alphabet. There is an intelligent device because it does not serve to notify nothing, not even as an extension of your smartphone or tablet, also serves to keep track of anything, because it is only able to reproduce the designs that are sent to it. But the idea has far exceeded its fundraising goal in a few…

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ASUS VivoWatch: Next smartwatch under Microsoft Health?

Asus VivoWatch

With its sleek look and a price just under $200, ASUS ZenWatch pleasantly surprised, and received a lot of positive reviews when it was launched. Today, it seems that ASUS is preparing to launch another model, The VivoWatch. Indeed, a new ASUS entry appeared in the database of the Bluetooth SIG. As it is usually the case, there are not many details on the device – only its name VivoWatch, it is manufactured by ASUS, and it offers support for Bluetooth 4.0. There are obviously more technical details about Bluetooth;…

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Five quick and simple tips to extend the life of our battery

extend battery life

History repeats itself. We bought a laptop, smartphone, tablet and although during the first months the battery works great, when it pass the first 1000 charges, began to check that it is no longer as before. And it is normal. The Li-ion batteries, which are fitted to most of our gadgets, have a limited useful life, in one of the areas that less progress has been made in recent years. Especially if we are conscientious and we are not the typical user who needs to renew its terminal almost every…

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Cloud computing and dedicated servers: what to choose?


A server is simply a type of computer for storing, managing, processing information and “serves” in the requests that users perform from their computers. There are different types of server. Here we discuss mainly about cloud and dedicated server. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s try to see what is the difference between cloud vs dedicated servers. In a cloud computing/cloud hosting infrastructure you can implement a number of instances of servers, load balancers, networks, firewalls, etc in few minutes. This is unthinkable in dedicated servers, which normally…

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Twitter now allows private group conversations and post videos natively

Twitter Group DM

The platform offers the possibility of exchanging DM among several users, in addition to record and publishes direct small productions of 30 seconds in length directly, without using external applications. The group conversations on Twitter now able to move to a quieter area of the hand of direct message group, a feature that the company just introduced. So far, DM (Direct Messages) could only engage between two users, but with this new feature, members of the microblogging platform may start a private conversation with one or more persons from scratch,…

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The ultimate way to control your weight, a ‘pacemaker’ for the stomach

maestro rechargeable system

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given go-ahead to the use in the United States of one of the latest technological advances, seeking to help us with the uncontrollable appetite. This kind of pacemaker for the stomach is called The Maestro Rechargeable System and sends high frequency electrical signals to the vagus nerve to tell the brain that, now we have more hungry but have eaten little. This advance in the treatment of obesity cannot access any who wants to lose weight. It’s been proven to work, making it…

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There came the connected suitcase for that every travelling lover of the technology has been looking for


Developments in when connected devices are at their highest point, where we’ve seen all kinds of accessories and products that some have decided to label as “smart” as one of its features is the ability to transmit information from one or more devices wirelessly. It is now as we know the Pluggage project, which many would consider the perfect suitcase, because it integrates everything needed to enjoy our trip without the ever-present concern of a possible loss of baggage and other functions which are always well received in those moments…

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Essential Features Your Next Web Hosting Company Should Offer

web hosting features

Are you in the process of choosing your first web host? Perhaps you are already hosting with someone but you want to move your site elsewhere? Whatever the reason, you’ll doubtless have a head spinning with all kinds of acronyms and terminology. Trouble is; how do you know which features are the best ones to have for your website? If you’re feeling somewhat confused by it all, don’t worry! That’s because today’s blog post will run through some of the things your new web host should have. Here is what…

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