Do Some Phone Calls Take Away Your Peace of Mind?

reverse call

If you find some phone calls taking away your peace of mind then you really have to do something for that. In the times when everyone is busy picking up unwanted calls would be something no one would like to do. Thus if you feel that you want to avoid calls from telemarketing companies, spammers etc then you should take help of reverse phone number directory. How to be smart in your daily life and us technology as a shield? You have to be smart in your daily life and…

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Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2

There are thousands of games available for the mobile users in the current times. This is the reason people of all ages and walks of life have downloaded or play online the games of their choices on these personal accessories to enjoy the same anytime they wish to. With the inflation hitting the global markets and the prices related to leisure and recreational activities rising, this is one of the viable ways in which the children and grownups seek entertainment. While many games are available against a fee for the…

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Google plans to launch online services designed for children

online services for children

Internet services, social networks and mobile devices are resources and tools developed and used by adults, but in recent years have begun to be appropriate for children and youth. Even Facebook, the large dominant social networking platform only support users over 13 years, although not surprising that children enter with lacking data or with the assistance of their parents. That’s why the company led by Mark Zuckerberg evaluates change this rule. Beyond the risks of raid the kids in the virtual world, the fact is that technology companies have begun…

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Yotaphone: Dual-screen smartphone is already on sale in Europe


The phone is the second version of Yotaphone. It is designed by a Russian company (Rostec) and has, in a sea of devices that seem increasingly remarkable distinctive: a secondary electronic ink display (the same type of screen that uses the Kindle, for example). And formally presented in London. The first Yotaphone was announced in 2012 and went on sale a year later, shortly before – earlier this year the second version, which is now finally met the performance and the price was announced.

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Using Security Cameras in the Workplace

using security cameras

The majority of businesses nowadays have at least one security camera installed so that they can monitor and protect their property as well as their merchandise. Security cameras are very the helpful when it comes to managing a remote area. You can install the camera in one place and monitor the location from somewhere else. There are many businesses around the world that make use of security cameras because they are helpful for multiple situations such as theft, misconduct, etc. Various Types of Cameras Not all businesses are alike, and…

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5 tips to take advantage of your emails

advantage of emails

The email data analysis company Yesware, based in Boston, developed several tips to improve the art of emailing, after reviewing more than 500,000 sales emails sent by its users. Here the five most important points. Which subject put? Following the presidential elections in the United States, in 2012, members of the campaign team of Barack Obama revealed that the most successful “matter” had been used as a title for their mailings containing only the word “Hey” (Hello). This idea gave them millions of dollars. Could you do likewise? Yesware policymakers…

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The creator of Preguntados will launch an application to enter into the competitive world of mobile chat

Maximo Cavazzani

Maximo Cavazzani of Etermax, the company behind the popular trivia game, bet on instant messaging service for mobile phones to WhatsApp style, focused on the social exchange of text, pictures and multimedia content. In the hands of Apalabrados, a title which reached its success in the market, and Preguntados, trivia mobile application based on social contacts in Facebook, the Argentine company Etermax plans to get directly into a foreign segment at a glance: IM from smartphones.

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Patin, the Assistant robot for the home with multiple functions


The household robots are still far from having the image of a humanoid that sweeping or cleaning the kitchen, but slowly developments point to occupy that place with different designs. On this occasion, the Patin prototype of Flower Robotics aims to create a platform for artificial intelligence and its mobility system. The particularity of Patin, a French name chosen by its creators in reference to a skate, lies in the possibility of extending the functions and features of the robot by adding special modules. You can connect a lamp or…

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Lumia 535: Microsoft’s first smartphone without Nokia brand

Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft introduced worldwide The Lumia 535, the first smartphone from the company that does not carry the Nokia brand, as had anticipated a month ago. The Microsoft Lumia 535 is an important undertaking economic device, but because the line 500 is the most popular company in the segment of smartphones. It has Windows Phone 8.1 update with Denim, 5-inch IPS display (960 x 540 pixels), Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz, 5 megapixel main camera with flash, and one at the front with wide angle also 5 megapixel,…

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Designing tiny robots that can travel inside the body

tiny robots

In 1987 was released, with a moderate impact and more successful, unusual Travel [Innerspace], a science fiction film inspired by a novel by Isaac Asimov, who told the story of a group of scientists who are miniaturized, together with a ship, and injected into the bloodstream of a man to study it and, why not, heal him inside. This argument, which 30 years ago seemed to us absolutely crazy, is something closer to becoming a reality today. Several years ago that comes to work on the idea of creating robots…

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