Keeping a Key Logger Software – Keeping You Safe at All Times

keeping key logger software

At 1.5 million victims per day, around 556 million individuals become a victim of cyber crime every year which means that every 18 seconds a person faces cyber crime without being able to do much about it. Statistics reveal that not even half of the cyber criminals are caught and are able to get away quite easily. Does that scare you too? If your answer is yes, it is high time you start thinking how to keep all your online data safe and secure. After all you want to ensure…

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The Google modular phone seeks to take its first steps in Puerto Rico

google modular phone

The US Company will launch sometimes this year its pilot program in the Caribbean nation to boost their smartphone model that you can customize their performance of hardware using various interchangeable parts… Google will present this year in Puerto Rico a modular phone as part of a pilot program that will allow people to choose their own hardware based on their needs and interests. The company will partner with the Claro telecommunications operator, based in Mexico, and the local operator Open Mobile to offer the phone which is part of…

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Montblanc thinks that the brain must be on the belt


Square, round, autonomous, dependent on the phone, with Google platform, or without it, few companies will be left without creating a smart watch. The companies that take the whole life by making watches, and others that coming from the world of consumer electronics looking for a slice of the pie. The traditional watch market is huge, with many price levels and technologies. Such a prestigious firm as the German Montblanc has proposed a smart way to convert your artwork, without touching what they believe is enough. How Come? By integrating…

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Meccano parts will be part of an open source robot

meccano robot

Like other systems, educational games, the company plans to introduce a kit to build an android that can be armed and programmed by children and adolescents… With pieces of polycarbonate, Meccano introduced a kit for the children and young people can create their own robot. Under the name of Meccanoid G15 KS, Android can be programmed to taste thanks to the Mecca Brain system, with voice recognition functions and operations may also be integrated with phones and tablets using the official application for iOS and Android.

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Samsung new egg-shaped speakers and point in all directions

Samsung WAM7500

Samsung new wireless speakers under the same egg-shaped design and looks like a small robot, which could have come out of film A Space Odyssey, or an element of the game Portal. There are two different models mainly differ in size and mobility opportunities. Both are intended to send sound in all directions. The Samsung WAM7500 is a larger speaker, designed to stay fixed on a point of the room, while the WAM6500, is smaller and has internal battery. For the projection of that “omnidirectional” sound, Samsung unveils proprietary technology…

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Safety tips for protecting your data

protect data

Unfortunately we receive daily reports of people who are victims of various crimes such as fraud, kidnapping information, phishing, etc. To protect as far as possible we offer the following tips: Phishing or Spoofing Using social engineering (deception), seeks to obtain confidential information, such as passwords or other data, through the use of emails and fraudulent websites. Virus and malware It is malicious software, which is intended to damage or hide information in a computer. Sometimes it is used to encrypt data and ask for a ransom by the key…

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Ryptide: The lifeguards drone


Not only serve to take spectacular photos or send pizzas; the drones can also have a utility something richer than those we know today. To test this, a group of students from King Low Heywood Thomas, in the US, develop Ryptide, a project that seeks to create a drone that is capable of performing the work of lifeguards on the coasts. Ryptide is a regular drone, a small four propeller helicopter that in an emergency can be manipulated to distance for rapidly assist a person in the middle of the…

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Twitter plans to launch its own online video platform to compete with YouTube

twitter own online video platform

Twitter plans to incorporate its own publishing system that allows you to play video content, according to a publication that leaked this function. Unlike productions six seconds long made ​​by Vine, one of his first standalone applications, in this case the company will allow users to upload files to MOV or MP4 format up to 10 minutes in length. A sample of the videos published natively on Twitter could be seen in one of the publications made by the site of technology The Verge, which shows a summary of CES…

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The brain reconfigures all the time by the use of smartphone

use of smartphone

The use of touch screens completely changed the way people interact with mobile phones and tablets. Apart from the changes caused in the industry, also found that there is a particular brain activity among mobile users. Neuroscientists at the University of Zurich and Zurich Polytechnic discovered that brain activity is reconfigured steadily after analyzing the movements made ​​by users on their smartphones together with brain activity recorded using an electroencephalogram, according to a study published in

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Skype is integrated into the Microsoft Office web


Skype now integrated with the Web version of Microsoft Office. With this addition, the Microsoft Office platform integrated into the online version of Word and Power Point, a tool that can produce collaborative text, talk and see the different levels of editing of each user. The tool, designed for chatting and collaborations in real time, is available in Word and PowerPoint Online on the right side of the screen. This option lets interact with other users and Skype groups which each have set up in their account. This tool was…

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