Panasonic VIERA WT600 4K: First with HDMI 2.0

Panasonic VIERA WT600 4K

Panasonic presented the VIERA WT600, incorporating star to its wide range of televisions with 65-inch diagonal, 4K resolution and the first to see support for the new standard HDMI 2.0. The Panasonic VIERA WT600 4K is a last generation smart tv with a panel that allows you to provide Ultra High Definition content up to 60 frames per second. The VIERA WT600 incorporates a 4K H.264 (MPEG4) decoder integrated not only play 4K files via USB and SD card, but it also allows playback of 4K material directly from the…

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Samsung enters the smart watch industry with the Galaxy Gear

samsung galaxy gear

Along with the Galaxy Note III and in addition thereto and other terminals and signature tablets, Samsung has introduced its first smart watch, Galaxy Gear. Since we had advanced, the Galaxy Gear uses a touch screen but rigid curve, with a size of 1.63 inches and a native resolution of 320 by 320 pixels. It is made of stainless steel and the base hardware consists of a 800 MHz processor, 512 Mbyte RAM, 4GB internal storage and a battery for 25 hours of autonomy.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X240: 12-inch premium ultrabook

Lenovo ThinkPad X240

In the IFA 2013, Lenovo has introduced a major upgrade to its range of notebooks ThinkPad, with five models to highlight the ThinkPad X240 Ultrabook. Update of the ThinkPad which includes four new models in addition to the X240, as are the T440s and T440 professional Ultrabooks and S440 and S540 standard laptops, intended for small and medium-sized enterprises and the most cost-effective in the series. The Lenovo ThinkPad X240 is however, the star of the show. It is an ultra high definition screen 12.5-inch Full HD with the possibility…

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Intel Atom Z3000: Detail the new chip for tablets

Intel Atom Z3000

Before its official launch at the next IDF 2013, have leaked slides of the Intel Atom Z3000 that will be used by the chip giant to promote its new weapon for the market of the tablet electronics. A market largely dominated by ARM designs with RISC developments being able to put on the ropes the world’s leading manufacturer of microprocessors, which Intel can not afford to Revolution mobility devices. For this reason, has developed the Bay Trail platform with the Intel Atom Z3000 – which delivers highly the most ambitious…

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Instagram: Tips and tricks to get followers and be popular

success on Instagram

In a not too distant past, only people who had iPhone or iPad could make use of Instagram because the app was only available for the iOS operating system. But today all those who have Android smartphones can now download the app and start editing photos with those super funky and different filters that were shown in the timelines of Twitter and Facebook. Now that Instagram is an application “universal” that old question came up: What is the secret formula to get popular on instagram? How to get followers on…

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ASUS Tablet with Tegra 4 and WQHD resolution, passes the FCC

unknown ASUS tablet

A new unknown ASUS tablet has passed through the U.S. regulator with all the earmarks of Transformer Pad correspond to a large format, with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and one of the new integrated NVIDIA Tegra 4. After producing the Nexus 7 for Google, ASUS prepares the launch of internal developments as this model with 10-inch diagonal display according to the FCC, with the usual connectivity GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, among others.

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LG curved OLED TV: For sale in Europe

LG curved OLED TV

LG has announced the launch in Europe of its 55 inch curved OLED TV, for sale starting with the German market for 9,000 euros. The arrival in Europe of LG curved OLED TV, comes after the launch of the Samsung model, the second of these features coming to the market. Both offer excellent viewing from any angle of view and high image quality, brightness and contrast, allowing its panel based on organic light emitting diodes (OLED).

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Sony VP welcomes a PS4 and PS Vita pack

PS4 and PSVita

Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny, leaves the door open to the marketing of a pack that would offer seals their consoles and portable desktop PS4 and PS Vita. “Sounds like a good idea … We are looking at all possibilities to give users greater choice,” said Denny to welcome this pack with both consoles. The marketability of this type of pack increase if we consider that Remote Play will natively run-through stream-PS4 games on the PS Vita.

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Confirmed: Galaxy GEAR be available in five colors

Galaxy GEAR

After an initial drought information about Galaxy GEAR has skyrocketed. We already knew the possible specifications of the future smart watch of the Korean giant and its supposed release date. Now, thanks to a new leak, we could see the colors that will be available. According to information leaked during week 39 of the year, that is, from 23 to 29 September, the Galaxy GEAR will be available in white, black, gray and orange. A week later, between September 30 and October 6, will also be available in white gold.…

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ASUS VivoBook X102BA: economical and powerful ultraportable

ASUS VivoBook X102BA

The well-known Taiwanese manufacturer has debuted its new ultraportable VivoBook X102BA, a device that integrates an AMD APU A4-1200, 2GB RAM and 320GB hard drive, all under the direction of Windows 8, the new operating system of Microsoft. This APU features a dual-core processor at 1GHz, able to offer a consumption/performance really good. As regards its GPU mounted Radeon HD 8180, based on the GCN architecture and equipped with a total of 128 stream processors, enough to enjoy a good multimedia experience and even less demanding games or relatively old.

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