Online Games addiction

games addiction

There are some people that worry about addiction to playing online games. They has been some research done in this area, comparing it to gambling addiction. However, whether you believe that the games are addictive will depend on how you define addiction. Some people feel there has to be a physical substance to be addicted to but others argue that the brain can produce chemicals that you can get addicted to. There are lots of sites in the web where people can play free games.

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New Tivo Mini to watch cable TV in any room of the house

TiVo Mini

The new TiVo Mini allows us to bring the cable programming to any room in the house without having another DVR. There is also a cable, but not for what you believe. The Mini does not have an internal tuner, which is also why not have a CableCARD slot. Instead, it is based on one of four tuners on a TiVo Premiere for live TV. TiVo owners with only dual tuner models have no chance since the Mini requires at least one of four tuners. The cable mentioned earlier is…

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The digital camera of Polariod Instagram on sale

socialmatic digital camera

The Socialmatic digital camera will reach the windows in the first quarter of 2014. According to the press release issued by the executive director of the firm, they have reached an agreement with Polaroid to turn into reality the Instagram prototype. In a few months, Instagram became the most used application on iOS photo sharing, reaching a whopping seven million users. The app began as a more to portray the world around us in an original and extremely fun soon became a mass phenomenon contemporary. Its stunning worldwide success and…

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March 27 will be released the Wii Mini

Wii Mini

Given that the sales results of the new Wii U are not expected, it seems that Nintendo has decided to launch a new finish to enhance sales. And so in a few weeks, on March 27, will go on sale Wii Mini, a new version of the popular console whose size (and price) will be slightly reduced. The launch of the new console will also include a series of family games framed within Nintendo Selects.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 vs iPad Mini

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 vs iPad Mini

Samsung pioneered the launch of a tablet format to the general public; we refer to the Galaxy Tab with seven-inch screen. At the time this size was not usually in a tablet and most betting on screens around ten inches. But time has given them reason and because there are several brands that have entered this segment, including Apple’s own iPad Mini. Such tablets are more compact and lightweight, so transportation is more comfortable but at the same time do not give up a large screen, and its price is…

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Samsung HomeSync: Media center for the whole family

Samsung HomeSync

Samsung does not want to neglect the home segment and has launched the Samsung HomeSync, a media player that offers much more, wanting to become the center display and synchronization of multimedia content in our house, thanks to its internal hard drive with a capacity of 1TB storage and content synchronization unit with which we can assign a private space in the internal memory of this gadget for each family member, with separate username and password to access it. This option is the most interesting part of the HomeSync and…

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Chromebook Pixel: Google computer is already here

Chromebook Pixel

Do you remember that we have been talking these days of possible launch of a Google computer? Well, finally the Google Chromebook under the brand name of the search engine has arrived. It is called Chromebook Pixel and we discussed it below. Although I think it is more expensive than we might expect because the price will be at around U.S. $1,300. The Chromebook Pixel will feature a display of little less than 13 inch touchscreen with a resolution of no less than 2560 x 1700 pixels. In terms of…

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Recharge your mobile gadget with a cup of hot coffee or cold soda

cup loads mobile

Probably the concepts you are seeing on the screen capture not seem like anything new. But in reality it is. A cup that loads a mobile terminal? Well, yes. It’s what you’re thinking. Just the opposite to what we now sell in many shops of Accessories for mobile phones. For the time being we could buy a kind of iron that connected to our mobile warmed up the coffee, but Kickstarter want to do just the opposite that is the coffee that recharge your phone. What do you think?

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A Guide To Blu-Ray

Blu ray Player

When DVD’s first emerged in the 1990’s, many were blown away by the dramatic increase in sound and picture quality compared to the fuzzy, wobbly VHS of yesteryear. With access to specific scenes at the push of a button and behind the scenes bonus features, it was a huge leap forward in technology. But times have moved on and DVD’s are starting to look like the dated format, with the arrival of Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray Explained With several times the resolution of DVD and as good a sound quality as the…

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Do you know technology-related diseases?

technology disease

Although from our blog we recognize that we are fans of the geek and all kinds of gadgets, like anything, too much is not good. So much so that with the passing of the years and the progress of the consumer electronics, coupled with the fact that each time the accessories and devices cost less, have developed quite a few disorders that in many cases have proved to be considered serious diseases, and today we have curious, so we’re going to have a look. How do you know the diseases…

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