New versions of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from Apple in 2013

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from Apple

The new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro will arrive in June 2013. For those who are looking forward to hearing news of the Apple world today we bring you interesting news. And we do it in the hand of the announcement of the upcoming release of Apple laptops, that if you take a look at the schedules of presentations will realize that it is up to those who are renewed MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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Did Your Data Ride Out The Recent Storms?

data recovery

It can be a devastating moment when you make the discovery that the irreplaceable information that was once taken for granted as just ‘being there’ has now disappeared. The recent terrible Hurricane Sandy storms and especially the power outages in the Manhattan and New Jersey areas have generated a huge need for data recovery in New York. As many businesses rebuild, they will be recovering equipment that appears to be unusable and wondering what they can do to recover their data. Fortunately there are companies who have the equipment and…

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Polaroid Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S

Polaroid Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S

If you take less than the old as the Polaroid cameras, you should not worry that just came out a camera that directly from the inspiration of classic Polaroid cameras that were able to give us the picture revealed few seconds after taking it. We present the Polaroid Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S, a great camera for immediate printing. With this you will forget larger cameras, memory cards and everything, always with that touch “oldschool”. If you like the retro and you want to get away from the digital technology; this…

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Leap: the gadget that proposes the future of the touch interface in 3D without support


Probably not the first its have seen in science fiction movies new computer screens display not needed. You know, these holographic representations in which the protagonists played, made and unmade in midair and managed to control their devices. Sure, that so far was just science fiction. Even though it may seem incredible but could be much more than that and become reality; How? As a gadget called Leap promises to make it for us. As you may have ever imagined after this introduction, Leap is actually at the moment just…

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S21H: Android computer with 2 GB RAM


They have lately been appearing increasingly smaller computers with performance to an acceptable extent, just enough to remember the Raspberry Pi successful with just 256 MB RAM. With the advent and popularization of Android, this market has exploded and it is more common to see powerful mini computers the size of a USB memory as S21H that we are present below. This curious gadget comes directly from China and boasts in its small interior to 2GB RAM, 8 GB internal storage and ARM Cortex-A9 dual core processor.

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Guidebook Tips on how to Make Small Business Web Design

Business Web Design

To help make a small business an entire achievement in the on line system may be a obstacle, but yet verify to become a major achievements within the conclusion. Having said that, for that working out the appropriate mix of design, know-how and services is important to put up a business’s internet site that is the agent of a business while in the online current market. Only an expert hunting website with an aesthetic design, informational and fascinating content material, very easily downloadable pages and user-friendliness from the website can…

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A camera that connects who takes the group photo

Not One Less camera

Today we are going to surprise basis of gadgets of those who leave speechless, and we will do so with an idea that started from iF Design Talents, a group of designers who have felt that one of the problems of the cameras we have in the market is the fact that for a group photo, someone always has to stay out of the catch. And of course, much as the cameras have timers that can be used, it is never the same. And to solve the problem, born Not…

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Icade Mobile: For iPhone and iPod Touch

Icade Mobile

If you are someone who uses the iPhone also play like a small handheld game, certainly many times you’ve seen that you leave the screen pretty dirty. Here is a peripheral that will not only help you to keep your screen clean but will be able to play in a more comfortable way. This is the Icade Mobile, a device that will turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a real laptop. No doubt, this gadget is the best choice for gamers and gaming that have this Apple device.

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Online Chatting Technology – How It Works

online chatting

Times have changed in the world of chat, and if you’ve missed the enormous leaps that mankind has made in the infinite pursuit of leaner, more effective communication then you must have been living under a proverbial rock for the past 20 years. However, if that is the case and you have decided to catch up to how it’s done these days, we would be happy to walk you through it like a parent ushers a child across the street while the ‘walk’ sign glows green. Pay attention, as there…

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Polaroid IM1836: The first Android camera with interchangeable lenses

Polaroid IM1836

This time we get a note related to the photography industry, then became public an image that looked a Polaroid camera with Android operating system, and it also has interchangeable lenses. The truth, if the news is true, that the appearance of a camera of this type would be the next step to be followed by manufacturers that have previously submitted similar photographic devices, such as Polaroid. Next step to tell the features that have the Polaroid IM1836. To begin with, said that this Polaroid would use a sensor without…

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