Archos TV Connect: Turns your TV into a Smart TV

Archos TV Connect

Archos presented at CES 2013 an interesting and innovative Android device, which may be something we’ve never seen as such. It is the Archos TV Connect, which is nothing other than a kind of adapter to any TV that aims to turn it into a Smart TV with Android. If you were thinking of Google TV, you’re wrong, because it comes with Android 4.1 version of the interface for tablets, which is something that was to some extent is strange and not so functional that can be use in a…

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Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 incorporates a tablet as keyboard, phone and camera

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

What would combine a phone, a digital camera and a laptop into one? Better yet, use your smartphone as the 8-inch computer keyboard… would be great and this is precisely the new proposal of Fujitsu with its LIFEBOOK 2013. Prashant Chandra proposes a startling concept of portable technology, incorporates a tablet, phone and camera. Dubbed the Lifebook and seen as a concept in 2013, this original unity is what we would call a modular device.

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LG presents to us the future television

LG Smart TV

The world of television is making strides and every day we find ourselves in the market new devices capable of offering us more spectacular images and a host of new features that are designed to make things a little easier to user. In this sense the LG company is one that is betting on the world of television and today want to talk about everything that offers a new range of televisions LG Smart TV.

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Pebble: A clock with e-reader screen


We live in a world of screens, but there are many, and we have seen them being protagonists of many types of gadgets. However, so far, of technology that carry e-readers, which save us battery and at the same time the view gets tired less, had not come out of its sector. And as this was the case so far, because now Pebble is willing to change things, as has shown in the CES 2013. Pebble is a watch with e-reader screen which we have seen long ago, but that…

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Making the Most Out of Mobile Search

mobile optimization

With the turn of the new year dozens upon dozens of updates have flooded social networks and blogs alike, all trying to make sense of the last year’s trends in the field of SEO and online marketing and predict what this next year has in store for us all. One of the commonest predictions this year (and, indeed last year as well) is that 2013 will be the first year to see a truly large expansion of the mobile search sector. Mobile search has been growing exponentially for years and…

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Gorilla Glass 3 will be presented in CES 2013

Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla Glass is a name that rings with force in the panorama of the world of touch technology, in particular on almost any device that has to do with a quality touch screen. And is that brand has managed to demonstrate that carry one of its crystals is synonym of bring quality and protection for the gadget, and almost all the large terminals of tablets and smartphones have signed up to get their challenges with it.

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Types of web hosting

types of web hosting

Web hosting is the dedicated space which includes the website for publication on the Internet. Types of web hosting that can be considered are: Free shared web hosting: Many companies offer free hosting, some as an extra to a contracted service (such as internet companies) and others in order to display their advertising through a banner. It tends to be used by personal web pages, even some companies and business people use it, but if you want to go seriously with the web page it is better to invest a…

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Wireless mouse for fans of NES consoles

Wireless mouse for NES consoles

A wireless mouse but with a current design as the old NES console surprised by linking both worlds. Probably within every good lover of technology has a part of nostalgic. And do not mean that we do not want to evolve with the gadgets, if not to the fact that there are some accessories that allow us to enjoy the best tech of today, but with designs inspired by the past that point us the scary and remind us good moments lived with technologies from other decades. Today we are…

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Using Functional E-commerce Platforms

functional e-commerce platforms

Online retailers are advised to use highly functional e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento so as to gain in many ways. An entrepreneur will primarily benefit from the different advanced features that will execute complicated matters in real time. Because of high level automation, there is very little human involvement therefore a person does not have to be a programmer. Use of robust solutions will make it possible for a person to handle huge turnover at no extra cost. Actually, in some cases, the entire framework can be downloaded…

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