Google developing a virtual reality device

google cardboard

The technology firm based in Mountain View (California, US) already has a virtual reality device, a simple cardboard box that allows you to use your mobile phone as glasses of virtual reality and which was baptized with the name of Cardboard. The company presented its Cardboard a year and half ago and announced in January that it has already distributed five million devices that are sold for only $20. Users of the Cardboard have been downloaded 25 million virtual reality applications through the digital store Google Play since June 2014…

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Vidius is a small and fun drone

vidius drone

Manufactured by Axis, this tiny four centimeters gadget fit in the palm of the hand and can be operated via a remote or control from a smartphone or tablet, either Android or Apple. It is so small and lightweight – weighs approximately 0.55 grams – users in the US no need to register, unlike large drones, according to a new law that took effect in December and that has made thousands of people document their device. Although it is designed for those who want to enter the world of drones’…

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What is a Virtual Private Network?


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network that extends through an encapsulation process, and if necessary, encryption of data packets to different remote locations by using public transport infrastructure. Data packets from the private network travel through a “tunnel” defined in the public network. For remote access, VPN allows users to access their corporate network, assigning your remote computer addresses and privileges the same, although the connection is made ​​through a public Internet access. Sometimes it may be interesting that communication that travels through the tunnel established in…

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Smartbe is the first intelligent stroller for babies

smartbe intelligent stroller

If we are already talking about new cars that drive alone; why not also stroller for babies do the same? A group of technology entrepreneurs already work on it. It’s called Smartbe and is an intelligent stroller following the mom or dad, by a motion sensor, which allows parents to keep their hands free. The project just debuted on the website Indiegogo for massive funding, which seek funds for its development. If all goes as planned, the company will put the Smartbe on market in April 2017, to an estimated…

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A bracelet detects the movement of the muscles and allows you to control a prosthesis

MYO bracelet

Presented two years ago, MYO is a smart bracelet developed by the Canadian company Thalmic Labs that allows control systems and electronic devices by the movement of the muscles of the arm. This type of gesture control began to be used as a new gamepad for video games as well as a futuristic interaction in the way we interact with virtual objects. As often happens with other technologies, the performance of the MYO bracelet went beyond its main objectives, and researchers at Johns Hopkins University managed to find a different…

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Wi-Fi Halow: The direct competition of Bluetooth has a name

Wi-Fi Halow

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the next version of the standard Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, call 802.11ah (the most recent is the 11ac). One of its major innovations is the inclusion of Halow mode, designed for the connected home, peripheral (especially the wearable technology and intelligent sports watches and bracelets), and use in automobiles, as well as applications of the Internet of Things. Wi-Fi Halow achieves a power consumption similar to Bluetooth (i.e., much lower than the Wi-Fi standard, vital for devices powered by a small battery), but with a much wider…

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How to optimize a target page or landing page?

optimize a target page

Landing pages or target page play an important role in securing traffic from a site; however, to fulfill this objective it must be designed according to certain factors that invite visitors to click on them. A destination site must be able to resolve the doubts of the visitor and show what the user is looking. Here are some tips to improve the performance of the destination pages: Improve Titles: When a user enters a page, check roughly whether the information sought, therefore, it is essential to achieve capture their attention…

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The next chip could be connected by light, instead of copper

chip connected by light

Current computer processors use metal wires to exchange information with other components, sending and receiving electrical signals moving through them. This has limitations because of the resistance of copper. One area that historically promises to solve this problem is the photon: use light to transmit data over optical fiber, but the technology was too complex to be included in a microchip. Leaders of a project that got underway three American universities (the University of California at Berkeley, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Colorado at Boulder) report…

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Ford and Google plan to join to make autonomous vehicles

google to make autonomous vehicles

Google is in talks with the automaker Ford Motor Company to help the Internet search engine to build autonomous vehicles, the weekly Automotive News quoting a person with familiar of the project. If takes the form of the manufacturing agreement, is expected to be announced at the annual Consumer Electronics Show which will be held in Las Vegas during the first week of January, told Automotive News. A Google spokesman told Automotive News that the company would not comment on speculation, although senior Google confirmed that the Internet giant is…

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MiraMagia Masterfully Combines Farming and Fantasy


Gamers have a lot of options when it comes to browser based games. One of the best strategy games of this type is this free browser game, in which players compete against others to create the most efficient and powerful railway business. For those who prefer farm simulation games, one of the most entertaining browser-based games in the genre is MiraMagia, which won MMO of the year in 2012. What makes MiraMagia unique is that it combines RPG and fantasy elements into its farm simulation, allowing users to choose…

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