Drone Parrot Bebop 2, more autonomy and always with onboard camera

Drone Parrot Bebop 2

The Parrot brand intends to become a world leader in the field of leisure drones. Coming to conduct a capital increase of 300 million euro, the manufacturer has also unveil the new Bebop 2 model that presents all in a slightly more compact format, with Full HD camera on the snout and optimized autonomy can afford to use the unit for 20 to 25 minutes non-stop. The Parrot drones are known to be particularly stable and controllable easily from an application on smartphone or tablet, but also from a controller…

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Top eCommerce New Year’s Resolutions

ecommerce business

Making resolutions is a fun way to focus your priorities for the year ahead. Make sure your ecommerce business is on track with these top New Year’s resolutions. Embrace all the holidays. At this point you might be thoroughly over the year-end holidays. However, the calendar is full of holidays which are fantastic potential opportunities for boosting revenue. You don’t have to be a jeweler to take advantage of Valentine’s Day or a florist to take advantage of Mother’s Day. Plan out your promotions calendar now to strategize your holiday…

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Amazon introduced a new version of its drone for home deliveries

Prime Air

The prototype combines a hybrid design that emulates the performance of a helicopter and an airplane for vertical takeoff and horizontal displacement to 120 meters; the company promises delivery of orders less than 30 minutes… Two years ago, Amazon announced Prime Air, a delivery service packages using UAVs. This year it obtained the authorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to carry out tests with different prototypes that will be part of this innovative service.

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Test a Li-Fi network, a hundred times faster than Wi-Fi

Li-Fi network

Estonia’s Velmenni Company began the tests outside the lab with wireless connection based on a lighting system; do not believe that it is a replacement for the conventional Wi-Fi… There is no doubt that the emergence of Wi-Fi changed the way the Internet is used and has become indispensable for most people. But it seems that is overdue. And the culprit is called Li-Fi. Although this wireless technology was announced four years ago, has now been when performed the first tests in the real world, i.e., outside the laboratory. The…

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The thermometer strip is renewed with an ultrathin version

thermometer strip

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed an ultrathin shaped plastic strip thermometer that sticks to the skin and will be available in about three years, reported public broadcaster NHK. The thermometers with flexible plastic shaped exist long ago, but this, adhesive, allow a more advanced, especially in hospital use. This device, with a thickness of about a quarter of human hair, accurately measures a temperature between 25 to 50 degrees Celsius and recorded oscillations of up to 0.1 degrees. The research director, Takao Someya said the thermometer can…

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Opera Max, tool that reduces data consumption on smartphone

Opera Max

The Norwegian firm Opera is known for its namesake browser, both PC and mobile devices. And it is in the field of cell which has historically fared better, thanks to a performance (especially with the Opera Mini) in which the browser simplifies and compresses Web pages visited by the user, for to improve its load route 2G or 3G. Opera announced that through its integration with Samsung, Xiaomi and other handset makers, to 2017 will be pre-installed on some 100 million computers it’s another tool, Opera Max (which is available…

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Present a robot to make deliveries door to door

robot make deliveries

Starship Technologies, the company created by two of the founders of Skype, in London presented their latest invention: a robot for self shipments at home. The idea is to offer a greener alternative, in principle, at least, that scooters or trucks that are used to make deliveries door to door, since it’s a device with an electric motor. In this case, with a robot capable of carrying ten kilograms of cargo (two bags grocery shopping, as defined by its creators), which will go down the path at a speed of…

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Develop a device that identifies people through a wall


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a device – called RF-Capture – that can capture images of the human body and identify a person standing behind a wall. The device, which will be marketed in about a year, can distinguish one person from another and even trace the hand of humans if they write in the air without the need for sensors in the body or cameras in the rooms. RF-Capture operates by emitting radio signals from low-power that can pass through a wall and rebounding into…

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Motorola introduced Moto X Force, a smartphone with “unbreakable” display

Moto X Force

The break of the glass that protects the smartphone screen (or the screen itself) is something that many of the cell phone users suffer once in their life, and with the growth in size of these devices (at the time it become thinner), which makes them more fragile and more likely to fall out of your hand, which should be more open, and so on. A study by Motorola, at least half of the population had a smartphone, on average, a device that was slit screen; in some countries, such…

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