A pistol-shaped iPhone, latest weapons in the US?

ideal conceal pistol

In the market there are covers for iPhones and smartphones that can turn them into anything. Some even weapon shaped. And these are quite realistic. But it had never occurred to the contrary, that a weapon had the form of a Mobile phone. Until today, of course. Because the Ideal Conceal Pistol, recently filed in the US, it seems, at first glance, a next-generation smartphone. But it’s a 9 mm small caliber pistol as deadly as any other one. The gun, which is designed to go on sale for $395…

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A notebook to write, erase in the microwave and rewrite

RocketBook Wave

The notebook is called RocketBook Wave. And it is intended as a temporary scorer, relied on technology to protect their content, rather than in a notebook that is preserved for years and years: it is a twist to the classic scorer that we carry from one side to another and that once depleted its pages, we throw away or not return to open ever. The idea of Rocketbook is not that what on its pages is noted down remains written there for years, but that task falls to a smartphone:…

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iPhone SE: How it compares with the iPhone 5S

iPhone SE against iPhone 5S

While most manufacturers opt for models with increasingly large phone display, this time Apple decided to restore the original size of their smartphone introducing the iPhone SE, a model with 4 inch display which will cost $400 (US for the 16GB model). In exterior design it is identical to the iPhone 5S, a device presented in 2013 that the company decided to discontinue and is no longer available in its catalog of products. To justify this decision, Apple said that in the past year have sold about 30 million smartphones…

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Portable Arms Reduce Human Error on the Floor

portable arm

As metrology moves increasingly closer to the production floor, portable coordinate measuring machines like the ROMERare becoming must-have instruments. Portable arms live up to their name: they are lightweight and easy to transport from one site to another or through factory floors. Unlike large footprint metrology equipment, it easily fits through doors and can work around the activity of any shop. Its latest version, the ROMER Absolute Arm, has improved on previous models by including an encoder that assigns an absolute value to the position of the tool’s joints. This…

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Typing on the air, the proposal of Google to interact with technology

Project Soli

You will soon be able to write an email with simple gestures on the air without touching buttons or screen. That is the proposal of Google for Project Soli, a prototype that the company presented last year at its developer conference, and already has a group of engineers who are experimenting with this new system. Alex Bravo is one of the developers who received one of these kits, and recorded in a video the capabilities of Project Soli when writing a text in Gmail simply by moving their fingers above…

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Toyota develops a collar which serves as a guide for the blind people

Project Blaid

As if it were a GPS for people in indoor environments, Toyota aims to develop a platform for assisting blind people with Project Blaid, a wearable device focused on urban mobility inside buildings. Among its outstanding features, the system can detect objects and posters, identify where the toilets, stairs or elevator and the emergency exits are. Project Blaid allows blind users to better explore the interior spaces of airports, offices or shopping malls. At the same time, Toyota plans to that device in the future add a mapping system and…

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Plans to unite medical and smartphone technology

medical and smartphone technology

While researchers and scientists try to sprinting in their effort to achieve more effective vaccines or drugs to overcome various diseases, health centers face a changing scenario where telemedicine is opening up step. There is not to talk, only displays and more agile management of primary care systems. The consumer technology has strongly taken the scalpel of the future. It is time for innovation. And that some firms seeking scratch presence arising from consumer technology sector like Apple. During an interview, its CEO Tim Cook reeled off some of the…

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Top Tech Trends For 2016!

trends for 2016

If you like your tech, then you’re going to love what we’ve got to show you here. With 2016 well underway, tech companies worldwide have given us a tease already about what’s to come in the months ahead. Therefore, we take a closer look at some of the hottest tech trends of 2016! Check it out. Sound Bars Sound bars are hot right now. So many people are upgrading their television this year to newer, better and crisper 4K sets. So, expect a lot of technology consumers to opt to…

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The new robot from Boston Dynamics like something out of a science fiction movie

new atlas robot

Boston Dynamics, Alphabet robotics company, has introduced a new version of its Atlas humanoid robot which claims to be more autonomous than ever and even to resist the abuses to which it is undergoing. Atlas has been designed to work both outdoors and indoors, it specializes in mobile handling and replicates the appearance that would like an adult, since it measures 1.75 meters and weighs almost 82 kilos. However, the most striking of the robot is not only its appearance, but all the functions it can perform that seem straight…

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The Cloud or A VPS? Which Should You Choose

cloud or vps

When choosing a method of hosting for your website in this day and age it is imperative to consider all the options available to you. Two of the most popular options available today include cloud hosting or VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server). Understanding your needs is going to best help you make your decision on which solution you should choose. The first question you need to ask yourself is what will you be using this service for? Will you be developing a node application, or hosting a WordPress blog? Knowing…

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