D-Link introduces its new EyeOn Baby Camera DCS-825L

EyeOn Baby Camera DCS-825L

D-Link has launched a new EyeOn Baby Camera DCS-825L, a camera specially designed for the care of the little ones who also has all the advantages of the application mydlink Baby, forming a totally reliable solution and fully functional under WiFi connection. A level of performance the Baby Camera DCS-825L delivers HD quality and is able to record both day and night, and that includes night vision. But that’s not all, as it also has a temperature sensor, something very useful to avoid that our small suffers by the weather.

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Samsung Galaxy NX, first contact

Samsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy NX as a bold gamble that, beyond the commercial success that ends up with, is a breath of fresh air for the industry. Samsung’s new camera approaches the combination of Galaxy Camera and a smartphone of last generation, in a body that mimics the ergonomics SLR and interchangeable lens system compatible with the system of the house. Recall their technical specifications: APS-C sensor of 20.3 Megapixel (identical to the NX300) Interchangeable lenses (18-55 mm. In the kit) Dual processor, 1.6 GHz Quad Core Android and Drime IV for…

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Samsung Galaxy NX: First SLR camera with Android

Samsung Galaxy NX

Today we will talk about one of the world’s new Samsung who have shown us in this event today, the truth is that we have been astounded. For those you have not yet heard in this case we talk of Samsung Galaxy NX, the first digital SLR with Android. In this case, what you see in the picture, and as you can see come with a few interchangeable lenses with which to take advantage of almost any angle and any capture. Would you like to know what the technical features…

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Leica Mini M: New camera design to premiere

Leica Mini M

To say Leica that is to say many things. These include camera and expensive, but many other adjectives describe what has been and is one of the most interesting photography brands in the world of technology. And we talked about it today because apparently, new devices come to market shortly to complete the already important current Leica range. That yes, Leica Mini M is primarily an intermediate branch between the familiar Leica M and Leica X2 Micro.

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Canon PowerShot N: A camera for creative minds

Canon PowerShot N

Canon has launched the PowerShot N, a type of digital camera that promises a different approach to capturing images spontaneously and creatively. Also lets you share photos instantly through social networks. Its square design is unconventional as well as rings on the lens to zoom, the trigger and flip-up touch screen. Creative Shooting mode generates an unexpected selection of treatments with all the photos. The PowerShot N can be the best companion of a “smartphone”, as it is designed to share pictures in real time thanks to a wireless connection.

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Samsung presents its new range of video surveillance cameras in High Definition

Samsung Full HD network camera

Samsung has launched a new range of Full HD network camera (1080p) of 2 megapixel, in what is considered the most important product launch of the company in 2013. The eight new models feature new Wisenet III DSP chipset developed by the company for high-definition IP network cameras become automatically the preferred choice when specifying a new video surveillance system.

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Canon introduces its latest generation of camcorders

canon XA25 and XA20

Canon expands its range of handheld camcorders with three new compact models: two X series professional, The XA25 and XA20, LEGRIA HF G30 and for advanced amateurs and students of film and video. Canon HD Video System has experienced a total redesign, from lens to the image sensor and processor, in order to achieve new levels of imaging performance. These three models of camcorders offer an imaging system developed to provide quality and versatility. The new wide-angle lens with 20x zoom focal range of 26.8 to 576 mm1, applied optics…

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Dash: World’s smallest fisheye lens camera

dash camera

We know that many of our readers like it when they talk about these curious gadgets that come onto the market without making much noise, basically because there is not a large company behind them, but that are converted to real accessories to capitalize to the world of consumer electronics. But with the rise of online investment platforms in which anyone can submit a project, raising funds and bet to develop the idea, it is precisely in these areas that we need to look for inspiration. And although in this…

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The digital camera of Polariod Instagram on sale

socialmatic digital camera

The Socialmatic digital camera will reach the windows in the first quarter of 2014. According to the press release issued by the executive director of the firm, they have reached an agreement with Polaroid to turn into reality the Instagram prototype. In a few months, Instagram became the most used application on iOS photo sharing, reaching a whopping seven million users. The app began as a more to portray the world around us in an original and extremely fun soon became a mass phenomenon contemporary. Its stunning worldwide success and…

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Nikon Coolpix will launch new models of cameras

Nikon Coolpix S9500

For those who had to know what’s new in the world of photography we tell to you that many of the things that we saw in the world of technological events, in this case the January event, CES 2013, presented on the verge of new brand on the market. And in this case we are going to meet the new models that we propose from Nikon, the new Nikon Coolpix. New Nikon Coolpix camera models S9500: We talked about one of the most pretentious cameras. Nikon Coolpix S9500 has 22x…

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