Gran Turismo 6: Real adrenaline on virtual tracks

Gran Turismo 6

The miles disappear almost instantly by the grace of a horse of metal that takes us. Beside us, behind us, others want to overwhelm us, regardless. Error minimal distraction, we will lose the race or even death. Adrenaline is what keeps us alive, but we are sitting in front of a display and operating a joystick connected to a console, playing with car racing simulator Gran Turismo 6, which just came out. This title for the PlayStation 3, developed by Polyphony Digital and with the design of the name Kazunori…

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Win Candy Crush Easily With the Help of the Popular Tips, Tricks and Cheats

candy crush saga

Games are not just physical activities that help to shed extra weight and keep your health fit. Now, the very popular PC games have completely broken this concept and have brought a new gaming world for players. Being a game lover, you don’t have to go outside, you can enjoy the thrill and fun of games by swiping your phone’s screen. And the most popular game that has broken all the records in this time is candy crush saga. It has become the new addiction and people love to play…

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Games for all on the World Wide Web

online games

There are countless games to enjoy on the World Wide Web. Today the players of the online games can compete with international online players while enjoying these games. No more do they have to search for friends or family members to compete with when playing a game. These games have made it easier for the individuals to entertain themselves in a cost effective manner. There are countless games according to the preferences of the different age groups and players that are created by the online gaming industry on regular basis.…

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ONLINE Gaming Review-A New Era

online gaming review

Playing violent video games offer opportunities to learn new skills and improve gaming knowledge. Many online and video games are flooding the market and thus, gamers are in constant search of review sites that they can rely upon. However, there is a never-ending search for the games information so that they can invest on the right game. Best review sites are characterized by good quality information including methods of playing games, and the release dates of the latest games. Playing video games are considered to be a great help for…

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Customize Your Brand New PS4

ps4 skin

The Playstation 4 is now out on the market and everyone is looking to get one, which is not really a surprise at all. In fact, even with another new console being released within a week, the popular PS4 outsold the other unit by almost 2-to-1. Pretty soon that sleek, black box will be gracing many a table and entertainment unit. However, the thought that the exact same unit will be everywhere is kind of boring, especially when you consider that yours is currently one of over two million sold…

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Huawei Tron: Android desktop console with Nvidia Tegra 4

Huawei Tron

Another major manufacturer who believes that there is a place for affordable desktop consoles, made with mobile hardware and Android operating system. Yes, the medals are for Ouya, no doubt, but along the way have appeared lots of alternatives, and even Sony decided that its portable console could have a version for TV. The present case is that of Huawei, besides phone giant has submitted its console Tron in CES 2014, without making any noise. Not much official material, just some pictures and contact wires in a booth at the…

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SteelSeries Sensei is also now wireless

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless

One of the gaming mice market more curious is the SteelSeries Sensei, introduced several years ago and enjoys a number of leading features. For despite already take a while in the hands of many users, SteelSeries has now presented the wireless version. SteelSeries Sensei Wireless maintains all the features of the original model, including sensitivity up to 8,200 CPI, eight programmable buttons, lighting (16.8 million colors available) and the small LED panel.

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Archos introduces GamePad 2, more competition to the mobile game

GamePad 2

Archos has announced new version of its tablet for games GamePad 2, improved on original and competence for the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita. If portable console sales suffer from the rise of mobile gaming and tablets, Archos proposes another alternative to the GamePad 2 with Android, a machine between electronic Tablet and console equipped with dual analog controller, spider and keypad that seems ideal for running thousands of Google’s platform and the emulated games for Android.

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Sony VP welcomes a PS4 and PS Vita pack

PS4 and PSVita

Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny, leaves the door open to the marketing of a pack that would offer seals their consoles and portable desktop PS4 and PS Vita. “Sounds like a good idea … We are looking at all possibilities to give users greater choice,” said Denny to welcome this pack with both consoles. The marketability of this type of pack increase if we consider that Remote Play will natively run-through stream-PS4 games on the PS Vita.

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GameStop closes the possibility of booking the Playstation 4

playstation 4

It seems that things in the world of video games move at speeds of heart and although Nintendo is lagging behind in all this as we’ve said repeatedly, apparently the other manufacturers do not lose one, and although admittedly have been quite controversial presentations of new generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles, have not been hearing anything about not getting change at the end and you have diminished expectations of purchase, is more of the same will speak today pretty amazing news. And today we learned that GameStop closes the…

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