Nvidia release their own console for $349

nvidia own console

Today we will talk again in the world of consoles and what we not hand Playstation or Microsoft, who seem convinced want to keep confidential those are their new generations of consoles. Neither Nintendo’s hand because Wii U actually bet remains the number one market, while that to nobody convinces them and only to their manufacturer seems the best. And it now seems that some people want to make it difficult for everyone because now NVIDIA will also be in the game.

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Genius bet on gaming mouse for left and right handed


Today we talk about the world of gaming and entertainment, but not in the world of video games and consoles, but within computer games every time are preferred by millions of players around the world for the fact that no extra equipment is required to be able to roll with them. And now Genius bet on a gaming mouse for left and right handed. Which you can see in the picture, by the way is quite showy for what it offers the accessory is not another thing that the model…

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The Wii U is being a failure that Nintendo does not assimilate

Nintendo Wii U

We like crazy waiting for the other manufacturers present their new models of consoles. We speak of course of Sony and Microsoft, with their XBox 720 and Playstation 3. However, precisely because the renewal is already taking too long for some, especially for those who believe that the hardware of the consoles should change much faster than it does, this should be a good time for Nintendo, with its new Nintendo Wii U.

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Online Games addiction

games addiction

There are some people that worry about addiction to playing online games. They has been some research done in this area, comparing it to gambling addiction. However, whether you believe that the games are addictive will depend on how you define addiction. Some people feel there has to be a physical substance to be addicted to but others argue that the brain can produce chemicals that you can get addicted to. There are lots of sites in the web where people can play free games.

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March 27 will be released the Wii Mini

Wii Mini

Given that the sales results of the new Wii U are not expected, it seems that Nintendo has decided to launch a new finish to enhance sales. And so in a few weeks, on March 27, will go on sale Wii Mini, a new version of the popular console whose size (and price) will be slightly reduced. The launch of the new console will also include a series of family games framed within Nintendo Selects.

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Wireless mouse for fans of NES consoles

Wireless mouse for NES consoles

A wireless mouse but with a current design as the old NES console surprised by linking both worlds. Probably within every good lover of technology has a part of nostalgic. And do not mean that we do not want to evolve with the gadgets, if not to the fact that there are some accessories that allow us to enjoy the best tech of today, but with designs inspired by the past that point us the scary and remind us good moments lived with technologies from other decades. Today we are…

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Icade Mobile: For iPhone and iPod Touch

Icade Mobile

If you are someone who uses the iPhone also play like a small handheld game, certainly many times you’ve seen that you leave the screen pretty dirty. Here is a peripheral that will not only help you to keep your screen clean but will be able to play in a more comfortable way. This is the Icade Mobile, a device that will turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a real laptop. No doubt, this gadget is the best choice for gamers and gaming that have this Apple device.

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New details of the forthcoming Xbox 720

Xbox 720

The new console from Microsoft, known as Xbox 720, is generating many rumors already become almost realities especially after the imminent release of Wii U. According to the latest issue of Xbox World tells us more details of both components and the design of the console and its controllers. The Xbox Durango, as it is also known, would have a tetranuclear processor of four-processors and 8 GB RAM and will feature a complete renovation of all controls and accessories as we know them. According to the magazine, would have Kinect…

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