Create a pen that detects spelling errors


Although the art of writing by hand seems a habit that is obsolete before the advance of electronic devices, a new invention could return the charm to wield a pen. While almost ubiquitous computers and mobile phones, allows avoiding embarrassing mistakes when typing, when it comes to writing with pen one is exposed. However, Lernstift (in German “pen to learn”) seems the dream of every parent or teacher: a pen that warns when the child makes a spelling mistake.

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A robot managed to solve the Rubik’s cube in less than 4 seconds

CubeStormer 3 robot

Developed with Lego bricks and equipped with a Samsung Galaxy S4 as brain, CubeStormer 3 resolved in 3.253 seconds and improved its previous record of 5.5 seconds, recorded in 2011. The CubeStormer 3 robot, developed with lego bricks and equipped with a smartphone camera, managed to overcome their own brand to solve the Rubik cube in 3.253 seconds. So prior, chipmaker ARM recorded a mark of 5.5 seconds in 2011, which was matched by the Dutch Mats Valk two years later, recording a 5.55 seconds and consecrated as the fastest…

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Google presents Project Tango, phone with 3D sensor

project tango

With special features, Google introduced a new mobile phone with Android, away from the big screens and powerful processors with typically used by competitors to differentiate them in the market. In particular, this smartphone boasts depth sensors and 3D cameras for developers to measure and map the initiative within the company called Project Tango. As part of the Department of projects and advanced technologies, one of the sections that retained the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, Project Tango aims to help developers with a phone with special sensors that allow…

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Google seeks to replace passwords with sounds

google seeks to replace passwords

Throughout these decades, the alphanumeric key has been the main resource for entry into a computer system, although some users who obstinately saw in use some combinations which threaten the security of the same. Because this type of vulnerability and to the multiplicity of services appearing steadily Google acquired the company SlickLogin, who developed a system based on a mobile phone that emits a high frequency sound mechanism, inaudible, which provides a key to authenticate a computer.

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Google, Twitter and Yahoo! measure forces in the art world

art auctions

The search giant Internet opened a show in Paris for initiative Cultural Institute, Yahoo! it takes control of the bridge of the bay of San Francisco and Tumblr sells digital productions in art auctions. Also bidding to be the most successful and relevant companies of the technological world, the Internet giants now have a new way for measuring forces: the art world. This is not new for Google, which went from virtual world to the real with the inauguration of the headquarters of its initiative Cultural Institute in Paris last…

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Google’s new robots show its value in the DARPA competition

google new robot

That Google has not gone shopping and has brought any robotics company has been demonstrated in the DARPA competition this year. The different tests related rescue situations have been dominated by several robots companies that Google has recently acquired. The overall winner was the humanoid robot of the Schaft company, which got more points than their rivals in the 8 tests in which was to DARPA challenge this year, inspired by the Fukushima disaster. Among the evidence were challenges for driving a small vehicle, make holes in the wall, pick…

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SpaceX successfully launched its first commercial satellite

Luxembourg SES

After a series of delays since November 25, the U.S. space technology company SpaceX launched Tuesday night successfully its first commercial satellite, Luxembourg SES group. The two-story rocket Falcon 9 blasted off as scheduled at 22h41 GMT station from the U.S. Air Force from Cape Canaveral in Florida (southern United States), when initiating a launch window of 90 minutes. The SES-8 geostationary satellite of 100 million dollars and 2.9 tonnes was first placed in an orbit called “parking” (Park) remained attached to the second floor of the launcher.

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Google updated its Google+ app for iOS

Google+ app for iOS

Google has just launched Google+ update for iOS. Almost a month has passed since the company made public that he was working on an improvement that would allow to backup photos and video in high resolution. Well, Frank Petterson, announced in his Google+ account that was already available for download in App Store. As we said about the improvements that have been made, other than a redesign of the notification tray, which is more in keeping with the style of iOS 7, there is the possibility to users only and…

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Instagram debuted in Windows Phone

Instagram in Windows Phone

It has cost, but finally the users of Windows Phone will be able to use the popular photo/social app on their handsets. The downside, though, is that Instagram reaches open beta mode, cropped functions. Instagram for Windows Phone lacks which is one of the basic features of the application, the integrated camera. Thus, a button on the application launches the device’s camera and when this made the photo “picked up”. According to the company, “as with any system we have in mind as the end-users are using the system natively,…

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Facebook will not introduce automatic video with ads, for now

facebook automatic videos

The popular social network is getting enough pressure from advertisers to insert advertising in the form of automatic videos, which eventually end up coming but for now have decided to delay. Facebook knows almost everything about their users, where they live, where they like to go, their favorite brands and so on, making the social network into a gold mine for advertisers. In this sense, video advertising has a greater impact through its visual format and also can be customized based on the information and data from each user as…

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