A Japanese Museum hired two androids as guides

Otonaroid and Kodomoroid

Far from the crude but effective aspect of industrial robots, the new generation of humanoid looking polishes their strengths in interacting in real life with a series of developments that resemble their creators. While some seek to create a bond of closeness with friendly design, as with the recent model presented by Softbank called Pepper, others point to perfectly reproduce the features of a person. Known as Otonaroid and Kodomoroid these two gynoid, robots with feminine traits were presented at the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. Its…

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Develop a new diaphragm for digital cameras

diaphragm for digital cameras

A development of a group of German researchers could change the way the cell phone cameras are built. The study, published in the Journal of Optics, describes an alternative way to construct the diaphragm, the element behind the lens determines how much light reaches the sensor – or film – varying its opening. Researchers from the University of Kaiserslautern created an ultrathin device (55 micrometers thick) made with concentric circles made of two layers of glass in the middle of which is a electrochromic materials, ie, which darkens or lightens…

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Show special gloves to interact with virtual objects

Control VR

The world of virtual reality is experiencing a time of great development, largely courtesy of the efforts of Oculus, the company that created the virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, which later was acquired by Facebook. While Sony prepares its own virtual reality headset and rumors arise that other companies would be thinking of doing their own version, a draft joint financing on Kickstarter seeking money to finance his idea to create special gloves that attached to the system that controls the Oculus Rift glasses, allowing virtual objects to manipulate the…

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Intel looks for the future notebooks do not use fans and chargers

intel future notebooks

Intel introduced its processor manufactured with 14 nanometer technology (the minimum size of a transistor inside the chip), a model that will allow for future models of laptops without a fan. The announcement, made at the Computex technology exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, upcoming models allow equipment 2 in 1, combining the functions of a tablet with a notebook, arriving by even thinner and lighter versions. Known under the name of Intel Core M, this 14-nanometer processor is part of the fourth generation of chips from the company, known as Broadwell.…

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MIT creates a custom home that is controlled with gestures


The MIT continues to amaze the world with their projects. This time, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is focused on solving domestic problems of space, which exists in the majority of large cities. This system called “CityHome”, is a set of drop-down motorized modules that include bed, closet, kitchen, dining table with chairs or desk to work. All this shows the size of a large closet and can move around the house to make more room, and all its parts respond to gestures.

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SnapChat deceived users: Messages not disappear

snapchat deceived users

Snapchat a very popular messaging application in the United States, has reached an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that was accused of tricking users with the promise of “disappearance” of messages. The FCC said that the claims of the company able to fade all messages sent through its application were misleading and false. The Commission says in a statement that in reality, shared through Snapchat messages or photographs could be captured and stored permanently through third party applications, and other methods as the usual “screenshot” that offer phones.

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Save Your Video from Getting Banned – Get Safe YouTube Views

youtube views

The 21st century tech savvy scenario has been successful in changing a lot of things for us. The virtual world is the place for us to go to for whatever it is that we want – be it shopping, reading, banking, socializing and the like. The same goes for the arena of entertainment as well. No more do we depend on our old stereos or tape recorders to listen to our favorite music. We simply log on to video sharing sites and enjoy not only the musical notes but the…

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Nike rethinking its strategy in technology to wear

electronic bracelet Fuelband

The company lay off a part of the team developing the Fuelband wristband, but refuses to withdraw from the market for wearables technologies with competitors such as Samsung and LG, together with the possible arrival of Apple. Despite being one of the pioneers in implementing technology in physical activities, Nike decided to discontinue making their electronic bracelet Fuelband after announcing the dismissal of 70 employees of the computer hardware manufacturing. In turn, the Oregon-based company devoted their efforts in developing software of the technology segment for clothing.

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Twitter reveals new design that brings it closer to Facebook

Twitter reveals new design

The profile page of the Twitter users have a visual redesign, which will personalize a photo in the header and highlight the most interesting tweets. The company confirmed this change in a statement posted on its official blog, saying that the new view will be available beginning in a small number of accounts, but will be extended to other users around the world in the coming weeks. image from: blog.twitter.com At the time, Twitter has faced many changes in the appearance of its platform in order to reach a wider…

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A transparent cell phone to avoid accidents in the street

transparent cell phone

Several companies seeking to develop features that will help unsuspecting pedestrians; Apple just released an order to patent a technology that allows you to see what is behind the phone. Are you one of those who can not stop looking at the phone even when you walk down the street? You’re not alone. Due to their inherently mobile nature, smartphones are often used while walking. This is fine for voice calls, but it is problematic for actions that require visual attention as reading or writing text messages.

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