Sony SmartWatch 2: Again with smart watches!

Sony SmartWatch 2

Honestly, I sometimes do not understand the manufacturers. It is assumed that the customer is always right, but they do when they want, skip the clause and we try to put on your eyes so that neither time has managed to sell. That is the impression I have of the event for the presentation of the Sony Smartwatch 2, which seems that they were showing a new super-invention, when smart watches already have been on the market and have not gotten the attention of majority audiences.

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Save money and effort by using original HP consumables

HP cartridge

Many businesses and individuals think a good way to reduce costs is to use compatible consumables when performing printing of documents, a misconception since the use of such elements leads to a reduction in print quality, so the cheap end it will be expensive, hence the importance of using genuine consumables for printers. The cartridges can make up to 70% of the printing system of a printer, so that when you use genuine HP consumables, in addition to attaining a better final quality, we are helping to take care of…

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Samsung Galaxy NX: First SLR camera with Android

Samsung Galaxy NX

Today we will talk about one of the world’s new Samsung who have shown us in this event today, the truth is that we have been astounded. For those you have not yet heard in this case we talk of Samsung Galaxy NX, the first digital SLR with Android. In this case, what you see in the picture, and as you can see come with a few interchangeable lenses with which to take advantage of almost any angle and any capture. Would you like to know what the technical features…

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Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung has presented in London the ATIV Q, the new convertible laptop “tablet” of the South Korean with operating system Windows 8. It is a device with 13.3-inch screen that although the new Microsoft operating system allows users to use Android applications via Google Play. The event Samsung Galaxy & ATIV in London has left its mark ATIV with Windows 8 with the introduction of two new devices. Along with the “tablet” ATIV Tab 3, Samsung has shown the world from London the new convertible ATIV. Laptop is convertible into…

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Amazon surrenders to 3D printing

3D printer

The e-commerce giant opens a section dedicated to this new technology with all kinds of machines and equipment that they need to make the pieces, as the filament or software for product design. With the rise of DIY movement (“do it yourself”) and the momentum that has taken in recent year’s technological development, different areas that, until now, were beyond the reach of ordinary mortals are beginning to be close at hand. Because, who, until a few months ago, thought that it would be possible to manufacture own child’s toys…

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Microsoft wants to revive its Surface with a new heart

Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft will have a new processor supplier for its new model of Surface RT. This is the company Qualcomm, chip supplier of large companies in the sector and U.S. rivals like Samsung and HTC. Nvidia’s Tegra chipset, embedded in the “tablets” Current Surface, continue to be present in some models, according to sources familiar with the situation have assured to “Blommberg”. The giant Microsoft seeks to Surface a gap in the ‘tablets’ market. Although its appearance in this market was late with the powerful Apple iPad and the different models…

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The Acer Aspire S3 is renewed

Acer Aspire S3

Acer has unveiled the Aspire S3 Ultrabook with a new aspect of the S Series family at Computex 2013. Ultrabook has only 1.65 kilograms and the possibility of opening the cover up to 180 degrees. The laptop will be available starting next July from 599 euros. The new Aspire S3 Ultrabook integrate some of the industry’s most advanced features in the design and innovation built into Aspire S7, according to the company. The S3 patented dual torque hinge will allow users to open the cover up to 180 degrees for…

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Create a gesture recognition through WiFi signals

gesture recognition

Researchers at the University of Washington developed a system that detects and recognizes human gestures based on WiFi signals. It is an alternative to current systems based on the vision of gestures such as Kinect. Users could control different appliances with a simple gesture with the hand from any room in the house. The gesture recognition systems have led to a revolution time for entertainment. This type of system, like for example Microsoft Kinect, let users play certain video games without the need to use a remote control is his…

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Sony introduces the world’s lightest ultrabook

vaio computers

Sony introduced in Taiwan during Computex trade show its new range of Vaio computers. At the same time, in many cities worldwide, the local representatives of the firm did the same before hundreds of journalists. The new segmentation of its products is divided into four families: Pro, Duo, Fit and Tap. And each family corresponds to a usage mode. The last two, are more entertainment-oriented. Tap, for example, includes computers with twenty inch touchscreens.

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Apple TV could surprise with own apps

Apple TV

The truth is that within the innovations that we know of the Apple world, the next event of the company will be basically to talk about the operating systems that come renewed both the mobile world to the computer. But it seems that the latest reports indicate that there will be something else. And it’s that Apple devices could, although it is not precisely the iPhone that we have already spoken that there will be a new version soon, at least not at the WWDC. But now it could be…

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