System76 Darter UltraThin: powerful laptop, touch, and with Ubuntu 13.10

System76 Darter UltraThin

The integrator specializing in Linux, System76, presented new laptop model Darter UltraThin, with 14-inch touch screen, Intel Haswell processor and the latest version of the GNU/Linux Ubuntu 13.10 distribution. System76 is proving to be marketed alternative devices to Windows and Mac OS X, offering increasingly comprehensive catalog portable desktops, servers and notebooks based on Linux. The latest model is the UltraThin Darter, a laptop equipped with the latest Intel Haswell thanks to the possibility of riding with Core i5 4200U or Core i7 4500U, with 440 HD graphics, up to…

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Tegra 6 could arrive before time, according to a rumor

Tegra 6

The step of Apple to the 64-bit CPUs has begun to mark trend, to such an extent that also could lead to NVIDIA to accelerate their plans in relation to its Tegra range which, as we know, premiere fourth generation not long ago. Yes, the fever of the 64 bits mobile sector has come along, like it or not, the launch of the iPhone 5S. Companies like Samsung, LG, MediaTek and Huawei, among others, have already announced they will jump to that architecture, and it seems that NVIDIA will be…

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MediaTek prepares economic SoCs with 64-bit CPUs

ARM Cortex A7

The well-known Taiwanese company, responsible for many SoCs based on the ARM Cortex A7 architecture, has been one of major firms that have contributed with its products to the arrival of tablets and smartphones with a great price-performance ratio. Today we know that MediaTek not think complacency of success and already preparing their next move, the development of economic SoCs equipped with 64-bit based CPUs, of course, in the ARMv8 architecture.

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Windows Phone 8.1: What’s new?

Windows Phone 8.1

Besides updating Windows Phone 8 GDDR3, Microsoft is developing new major version of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1 with ‘Blue’ treatment that would come in 2014 and which reaches us some of their features. Microsoft has long been working on Windows Phone 8 GDDR3, important updates that will provide support and a 1080p screen and quad-core processors, specified in models like the Nokia Lumia 1520 and catching up in the hardware section with the great Android handsets.

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Archos introduces GamePad 2, more competition to the mobile game

GamePad 2

Archos has announced new version of its tablet for games GamePad 2, improved on original and competence for the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita. If portable console sales suffer from the rise of mobile gaming and tablets, Archos proposes another alternative to the GamePad 2 with Android, a machine between electronic Tablet and console equipped with dual analog controller, spider and keypad that seems ideal for running thousands of Google’s platform and the emulated games for Android.

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SSL or Payment Processor?

If you want to sell items on your website then you really have a basic choice if you want to get your customers to buy from you. You could purchase SSL certificates so that their personal data is secure or you can use a third party payment processor that has their own. There are pros and cons to using both of these. With an SSL certificate you will have to pay for it. This could be quite a high cost, that you may or may not be able to afford.…

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Scan the virtual markets for top quality HP ink cartridges

HP ink cartridges

The perennial question troubling the mind of anybody owning a printer and routinely printing many documents is – does ink cartridge refilling qualify as a smart alternative to purchasing new ones? Well, there’s no one word answer to this question, but if you know what kind of printing requirements you have, you’ll certainly be able to answer it. If you just need to print out routine paperwork for reading or archiving, then you wouldn’t mind a slight dip in the printing quality. In such cases, refilling is a smart move.…

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The latest technology in the world of cinema in your living room

4K X-Reality Pro

It seems like yesterday when technology more we approached the film industry without leaving home and going through a VHS player. Later came the DVD where we can enjoy watching DVD movie and our televisions began to understand the world of cinema, especially on rainy afternoons, where you take the car to go to the movies and the mere fact of leaving home with bad weather outside became sufficient arguments.

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