Develop a device to improve communication between dogs and humans


A research group at Georgia Institute of Technology are working on a system called FIDO, (facilitating interaction for dogs with occupations). This project aims to improve communication of dogs with humans; it would be of great use in dogs in rescue or assistance. In this idea are involved, the professor Melody Jackson, professor and technical leader of Google Glass, Thad Starner and Clint Zeagler scientific researcher. Jackson explained FIDO intends to make easier the task of communication between dogs and their owners, either a disabled or rescue body.

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Solar headphones to recharge mobile

OnBeat headphones

One challenge for manufacturers of mobile devices is to increase battery life. The excessive and constant use the battery runs out at times and causes many times you cut half our favorite song or that we can not send email when we most need it. Although we have experienced in this matter, so far not found the best solution. In this idea appears this pair of headphones that can take advantage of solar energy for charging devices when you are on the move. The “gadget” has been created in the…

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Mowayduino: Robot to learn programming


Mowayduino is a robot that anyone can operate and program, from a crazy new technologies even a small child. The aim of this project, funded by “crowdfunding”, is to “explain everyday situations of everyday life which we take for granted, but we do not understand”. “It is so simple it does not need anyone to show you. No age limit, only requires that the user knows how to read”, explained the responsible for Mowayduino, which works with the Arduino open source hardware platform, as well as programming languages Scratch and…

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Google Glass already has its first “app” for colorblind: Color Picker

Color Picker

New apps are released for augmented reality device Google Glass, which will be released next year, and that is in testing phase in which developers are creating restarting services and applications that will integrate the system once put on the market. One of the latest and most exciting created has been Color Picker, an application created by Jonathan Martin Brizio and is designed for people who suffer from color blindness. By using it, the device warns the color that is directing their gaze and a particular point.

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Devolo: The solution for WiFi problems

wifi solution

There are many problems that users face in their homes to achieve full wireless reception. Desperation often accompanies the inconvenience, of increasing pitch when querying the solution. Some say you can improve wireless range by setting the radio channel, a task that normally ends up leaving complicated. Others suggest that it would be with a repeater, but its signal is weak. Finally, those who kill flies to Cannon shows favor eliminating the sources of interference. After such wise advice, the problems usually stay there. To fight the enemy should know…

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iTunes Radio: New streaming Apple music player

iTunes Radio

Apple released iTunes Radio, its free Internet radio with more than 200 stations and a catalog of music from iTunes Store. When the user tunes to iTunes Radio on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV, have access to stations inspired by music that usually listen, stations in the section Featured Stations selected by Apple and stations specialized in genres of music customized according to the user likes. Evolves according to user preferences This service is not new. Already exists in the market. Apple competes directly with…

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Buccaneer: Domestic 3D printers for less than 400 euros

buccaneer printer

More and more often we hear about the potential of 3D printers for corporate, educational, and domestic environments. Although there are already quite affordable and easy-to-use alternatives in the market, the main problems for its massive use continue to be, on the one hand, the high price in comparison with paper printers, and, secondly, that in many cases requires a complex process of Assembly and advanced knowledge in CAD design software to create plastic models. In order to overcome these barriers, the company Pirate3D created a Kickstarter project to launch…

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Acer Aspire ZC-605: another all in one computer

Acer Aspire ZC-605

Acer has decided to extend its range of “all-in-one” with the Aspire ZC-605, specially designed to improve the user’s multimedia enjoyment and performance computing tasks in the home. Easy to use and plenty of storage, will be available in the market starting next September. Its thick bezel framing the screen, as likes a photo. In this way the images and videos look museum pieces. Another notable feature ergonomics: by adjusting recline between 10º and 30º is achieved the most comfortable position regardless of the task (watching a movie, playing a…

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GameStop closes the possibility of booking the Playstation 4

playstation 4

It seems that things in the world of video games move at speeds of heart and although Nintendo is lagging behind in all this as we’ve said repeatedly, apparently the other manufacturers do not lose one, and although admittedly have been quite controversial presentations of new generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles, have not been hearing anything about not getting change at the end and you have diminished expectations of purchase, is more of the same will speak today pretty amazing news. And today we learned that GameStop closes the…

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VaVeliero Water Shield: Perfect case for going to the beach

VaVeliero Water Shield

Probably in the summer when we spent hours and hours on beaches, swimming pools and other outdoor places to enjoy the sun, heat, and if possible get some tan, for many the problem of being able to take their mobile devices is more than clear, the water, sand, dust, dirt or moisture can end up making them unusable. But like everything, or almost everything is invented today we will talk about a fixture intended for any of this to be a problem, as we refer to the universal case VaVeliero…

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