LG Touch 10: multitouch monitor that detects ten fingers

LG Touch 10

A few days ago with the launch of Dell multitouch monitor, have started arriving options other manufacturers to accompany the launch of the new operating system Windows 8, of which we highlight the LG Touch 10, whose main characteristic is that can detect up to ten fingers on its surface capacitive. This monitor meets the need to take advantage of new features that brings multitouch interface of Microsoft operating system, providing this quality to the desktop factory that does not have this feature and that leaves them at a disadvantage…

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Surveillance Cameras: Which one to go for?

surveillance camera

With the increasing need of high security, one can find a surveillance camera almost everywhere. For those who are unaware, surveillance camera are a type of CCTV cameras that move left and right to keep a check on the whole of the surroundings and not just in one direction. Gone are the days when only the popular and wealthy businesses could afford them. Now-a-days, almost everyone can buy them for their business place or home for added security. And with various types of surveillance cameras available today, the question of…

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Iomega Storcenter PX12-400r: a secure 48TB NAS for SMEs

Iomega Storcenter PX12-400r

After the StorCenter ix4-300d-300d and px2, Iomega adds to its catalog of network storage systems a new model for SMEs: PX12-400r. Available in Rack (2U), the PX12-400r has 12 bays that can accommodate up to 4TB hard drives and is also compatible with SSD. So it can provide up to 48TB of storage. According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for database, server virtualization projects, disk-based backups and video projection applications.

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Dell presents a multitouch monitor and a wireless touchpad for Windows 8

Monitor S2340T

The avalanche of computers and accessories ready for the new Windows 8 does not stop come on the market and this time Dell who is being left behind and besides offering computers with the new operating system from Microsoft we have peripherals more than interesting, as the TP713 wireless touchpad and multitouch monitor called S2340T. Already in recent weeks we have seen how Microsoft has rushed to submit their own keyboards and Wedge mouses and now Dell announces first a touchpad can recognize Windows 8 touch gestures that make it…

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Google announces Photo Sphere: a camera much more than panoramic

photo sphere

You probably already know, but had envisaged a Android event for today in New York, but because of hurricane Sandy the plans were changed, and it has therefore put on hold… On the other hand, was held in San Francisco (spared by the hurricane) on the same day an event dedicated to Windows Phone 8, new OS mobile by Microsoft. However, Google did not remained there. Indeed, the giant research has still managed to release some of its press releases dedicated to the Nexus, even before the Windows Phone 8…

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HP Folio 13

HP Folio 13

HP Folio 13 is the first ultrabook from HP, this is an option designed specifically for the corporate sector. Initially emphasizes the battery life is at least 9 hours long, plus it features HP CoolSense technology to offer a team focused cooler and high performance. Other features include the 13.3-inch display screen and an Intel Core 5 processor, while Ram memory is 4GB and it has storage capacity 128 GB with an SSD. It costs is $900 and is expected to availability starting in the month of December.

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New iMac: most beautiful, finer, but also more expensive

apple new imac

As from November, Apple will launch its new iMac and new Mac Mini. The device is more beautiful, thinner, more powerful, but also more expensive than the previous generation. Much thinner than the old, the new iMac enjoys a nice LCD screen (IPS) to LED backlight of 21.5 or 27 inch offering 75% of glare in less. The performance should also be higher than previous models thanks to the integration of the new Intel Core i5 (2.7 to 3.2 GHz) or i7 (3.4 GHz) and Nvidia GeForce graphics processors based…

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PayPal and MoneyGram allow consumers to manage their money more easily

PayPal and MoneyGram

PayPal and MoneyGram, specializes in the international transfer service, combine to allow consumers to easily access the money in their digital portfolios. And the 117 million active PayPal account holders can now deposit, send and withdraw funds from their PayPal accounts in the MoneyGram offices. The current MoneyGram network comprises more than 284 000 points in 196 countries.

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HP LaserJet Pro 200: two laser printers connected at low prices

HP LaserJet Pro 200

HP sells to destination of SMES two new LaserJet printers connected and tightened prices: the Pro 200 M251 and M276. HP LaserJet Pro M251 is a simple color laser printer which is not necessarily very fast (up to 14 pages/minute at 600 dpi maximum), but has a USB 2.0 port, a USB Host port, an Ethernet port and which offers WiFi connectivity.

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Tablets: the Android community unresponsive Apple and its iPad

android tablets

The battle of the OS also continues on the grounds of the tablets where the iPad is no longer alone in the world and where Android tablets are beginning to seriously threaten its hegemony. Without counting that Windows 8 arrive. In the third quarter tablet sales rose 43% last year to reach 24.7 million units. Over the past three months, 14 million iPads have been sold. Of sales apparently less good than expected. One reason for this, the enrichment of the offer in terms of Android tablets, passed with 10.2…

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