Logitech T620 and T400: two mice for Windows 8

Logitech T620 and T400

Accompanying the presentation of its Touchpad, Logitech also showed us their new tactile mice for that operating system. The Logitech Touch Mouse T620 and Zone Touch T400 are two different bets to achieve the same goal: that the mouse does not disappear with the arrival of touch interfaces also a major partner in our day to day with Windows 8. Logitech Touch Mouse T620 If the design of the Logitech Touch Mouse T620 sound familiar, it’s normal. This is the same as it is the Logitech M600 that has already…

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Xerox ColorQube 8900: an analysis of the solid ink technology

Xerox ColorQube 8900

One of the most interesting printing technologies of recent times is undoubtedly Xerox solid ink, a type of printing has reached a quite acceptable assessments of price and speedy printing. One of its main handicap is the lack of knowledge that still have many users and companies on the major difference is compared to traditional ink, and closer to the laser technology for target audience and performance. This printing technology uses non-toxic waxes that generate 90% less waste than the comparable laser printers, which is a great advantage when you…

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Logitech Harmony Touch: universal touch remote control

Logitech Harmony Touch

The Logitech Harmony Touch is a very advanced touch remote control. You can control up to 15 different devices, such as TVs, A/V receivers, Blu-ray players, DVD players, audio players or media libraries. According to the manufacturer, the product can work with more than 225,000 devices from over 5,000 brands. It is ergonomically designed with a slightly curved to fit better in the palm of your hand. It is quite light, much like a smartphone, in fact, weighs 163 grams. The color touch screen display of 2.4 inches provides a…

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Acer Veriton N: desktop computer for very small SMES

Acer Veriton N

Acer has announced the professional desktop computer of the smaller company. The Acer Veriton N is a oriented equipment to small and medium size enterprises and companies who want to save space in the office without sacrificing the outstanding specifications, and features very compact dimensions of 19 x 19 x 3.2 inches that make it a very attractive and minimalist. Furthermore, due to its size it is possible hang the computer after the monitor and create one computer all in one very ergonomic. Undoubtedly the highlight of the Acer Veriton…

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Asus S46: S Series Ultrabooks

Asus S46 Ultrabook

The Asus S46 Ultrabook are a new S Series Manufacturer. The top cover is made of a single piece for providing high strength and durability of the machine. The design is elegant, with a brushed metal finish. The touchpad is quite large and, thanks to the Smart gesture, the control interface recognizes various actions of the user. Accompanied by a gum-type keyboard, designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to use, even during extended typing sessions. These ultrabooks are fairly lightweight, weighing two kilos, with a 14-inch screen. The display is…

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Gmail now allows to search for the text of the attached files

gmail search for attachments

Google appears ready to make life easier for those users who use their free tools for their personal and professional activities. Today we want to pay attention to the company’s official announcement regarding a new feature, premiered at the free email service Gmail. And is that from now on, customers of this tool will be able to search for attachments, given the name by which they were saved. This new feature will allow users to find files that were sent in a given period of time, which to date were…

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Beyerdynamic DTX 501P: small and lightweight headphones

Beyerdynamic DTX 501P

This German brand has a long tradition in manufacturing headphones. In his catalog contains models of very various categories. This time, it is lightweight headphones intended for use outside the home. The Beyerdynamic DTX 501P feature a supra-aural configuration, where sound is triggered from the top of the covers. It is a closed design, but the enclosures are of small size, although with a diameter sufficient to cover the ears. So, it gets left out of the noise environment, both street traffic as crowded stations or busy offices. It is…

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HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4

HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4

Within the first batch of models that HP will launch the market coinciding with the first weeks of the launch of Windows 8 (which will be released on October 26), there are some teams that particularly stand out. One is the HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4, a laptop that has a touch screen and that will allow you to measure in all its splendor the new environment that Microsoft has been prepared. At the moment we have no official data on the price or release date, but will be available…

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Logitech UE Boombox: portable speaker for tablets and smartphones

Logitech UE Boombox

The Logitech UE Boombox is a portable speaker with a very solid construction. Its rounded lines are very organic. In addition, the materials used provide a futuristic. The handle is made of aluminum, and other parts are stainless steel and hardened rubber. It is very easy to move from room to room of the house. As it has little plastic and metal rather, it is a pretty tough team, even though it weighs almost close to two kilos. It works feeding on an internal rechargeable battery, which provides a range…

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Denon AH-D600: Headphones well built and very comfortable

Denon AH-D600

Denon AH-D600 very well constructed and finished in black. The manufacturer’s engineers and designers have studied four thousand people to measure the shape of the ears, head location, the length of the canal and head size. So have been able to design these headphones for that will be very ergonomic and could perfectly suit any user. The pads are pentagonal shape and padded with viscoelastic foam that preserves the memory of the forms. It is lined with highly breathable synthetic leather. The headband also is padded and covered with the…

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