Brave: the game of the new Pixar movie and PS3

Brave Video Game

Although it took a little more than expected, Sony has confirmed that it is available in stores Brave: The Video Game, a title based on the new animated film from Disney Pixar’s, Brave (untamed), which is currently succeeding in theaters. Brave: The Video Game, based on the adventures of the film and its own protagonist, Merida, a heroic and skilful goalie who will have to overcome a thousand dangers based on skill, intelligence and bravery, attributes that will be tested the player throughout the game. In addition and in order…

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The Nintendo Wii U will arrive on November

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo does not go through one of its best years, but several months ago they are pinning their hopes of salvation in a new console: the Wii U. Submitted for over a year and little understood after the show, the Wii U will be released by end now, before Christmas. Since Nintendo ensures that, with the new system of “asymmetric game”, it will offer users more options and variety of game than ever. To accompany the launch, they have created two packs, one basic and one premium, with “list of…

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Siri’s next stop could be the iMac


Why only mobile device users can talk to their machines? That seems to be the question that would have been made from Apple, whose latest patent suggests that Siri could expand its area of operation. It’s not just the iPhone and the iPad: Siri could reach iMac. What exactly does the patent? It describes “electronic devices with a capable of processing voice commands and contextual data”, according to VentureBeat. That is to say, Siri in non-mobile devices. The arrival of Siri to the iMac also has enough sense: Apple has…

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Nikon D600: DSLR full frame camera

Nikon D600

No, it is not the budget that typically has a amateur for a camera, but it’s cheaper to be a full frame camera. The full frame is something that very few cameras offer, and almost all of them do it for a fortune. Having a DSLR full format camera is the longing of many amateur photographers, and it seems that little by little (much more slowly than we would like) is becoming more affordable. The Nikon D600 has a full frame sensor with a resolution of 24.3 megapixels. The full…

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The Facebook advertising works better than Google

Facebook advertising

Google have just attacking where it hurts the most: advertising. And according to information that just offered several partners who are testing the new system of Facebook, Facebook Exchange (FBX), the social network advertising works much better than ads on Google in web browsing. The data are quite impressive. According Triggit Inc., which makes software to help Facebook to offer these ads, FBX generates an economic return four times greater than other similar systems. From AdRoll, for its part, say that if well before the advertisers earn approximately $10 for…

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Microsoft discovers new computers infected with malware

microsoft discovered malware

Microsoft has discovered malware in new computers bought by its employees in several cities in China as part of an investigation into the security of the supply chain. The discovery has led researchers to a botnet called Nitol and gets permission to take the technical steps necessary to end the botnet. Dubbed Operation b70, work began in August 2011, when the company decided to check if in China be was installing illegal software and malware on computers until they reach the shops. So that several employees of the company went…

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5 criticism things of the iPhone 5


Screen Size: The Cupertino firm has finally increased their phone’s screen star and endowed it with the Retina Display technology. However, are 4 inches enough? The flag of the smartphone competition have dimensions significantly higher and the industry has grown accustomed to mobile users with larger, with a minimum standard of 4.3 inches. We have the Galaxy S III, with 4.8 inches, the Nokia Lumia 920, with 4.5, the HTC One X, with 4.7 or Sony Xperia with 4.5. Cameras that do not shine: The iPhone 5 is provided with…

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HP Envy 23 TouchSmart: all in one computers

HP Envy 23 TouchSmart

This computer saves a lot of desk space. Its design is elegant and functional. The HP Envy 23 TouchSmart have a 23-inch widescreen (58.4 centimeters) that gives a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. It’s a WLED display touch and sensitive to touch the multi-touches; in fact, you can detect up to ten fingers. At the top of the frame is the HD webcam with integrated microphone. In this way, the user will be able to take full advantage of the next Microsoft operating system, and is leaving the factory…

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Toshiba TL938/968: Compatible 3D Smart TVs

Toshiba TL938/968

The Japanese brand renews its TV range with the new Toshiba TL938/968. There are television sets whose diagonal screen measuring 46 inches (117 centimeters) and 40 inches (102 centimeters). The LCD panel 16:9 aspect has LED backlight. The technology Active Motion Resolution, which works with a refresh rate of 200 Hz, focuses on scenes of rapid movements are fluid on-screen and kept sharp. In addition, you can display three-dimensional stereoscopic images, but to feel the effect, requires use active glasses or shutter. Those who lack 3D movies will not have…

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Apple cut component orders to Samsung


The relationship between Apple and Samsung is one of the strangest: arch rivals in some markets, and other business partners. But from Cupertino are aware of how risky this is, it seems to have begun to take action. Apple would have cut their orders for components to Samsung. The idea seems to be diversifying: Apple reportedly decided to place orders for memory chips for next iPhone not only Samsung, but also other Asian firms to rely not so much of a company that does not have a good relationship. “The…

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