Fujifilm XF1: a compact camera design

Fujifilm XF1

The Fujifilm XF1 camera has a 12 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor and 2/3 inch. It is slightly larger than we usually see in the compact camera market, although with a somewhat fair resolution. Certainly, in the technical section, look much the target specifications. This with a maximum aperture of f 1.8. It is a considerable value for a compact camera, and carping allows plenty of light. Thanks to this, we will not have too many problems when taking pictures in situations somewhat compromised as dusk or indoors. It also has…

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Denon D-F109, stereo component

Denon D-F109

Denon D-F109 combines a stereo amplifier with radio, also known as stereo receiver (the Denon DRA-F109), a CD (the Denon DCD-F109, a networked audio player (the Denon DNP-F109), and a pair of speakers (the Denon SC-F109). All of them feature high quality construction and finish very carefully. The front panels are made of aluminum. The engineers of the house have decided to avoid the digital signal converters and incorporate stages of digital outputs for that not the original signal is maintained as intact as possible. It is a mini component…

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Hiding printers technology

printers technology

Who does not remember the old and noisy printers that print took minutes each sheet? Or the defective ink prints run for over 10 years? Current printers printed with an infinitely better quality from those early technologies thanks to the thousands of hours of research of dozens of scientists. In fact, HP, before finding the right formula of inks that use their printers, performed more than 1,000 prototypes to establish the right balance between all components. This work has resulted in the last 20 years more than 100 new inks…

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Start the launch of Sony Xperia SL

Sony Xperia SL

The versions that are marketed in the United States will be a along with the new Sony Xperia – consisting of the Sony Xperia T and TX, Sony Xperia J and Sony Xperia V, the Japanese multinational presented a squire for the second generation of intelligent terminals segment intended for Android. This is the Sony Xperia SL, a device that comes to renew the proposal that has been the high end of the firm during the first half of 2012. Conceived as a terminal more powerful than its predecessor, the…

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in February 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the recurring jokes after the presentation of the iPhone 5 was to know when to begin to be felt the first rumors of the iPhone 6, or whatever you call the model that Apple submitted in 2013. But wherever you look, Samsung seems to have also advance in this field: we already have the first clue about the next super phone from South Korean firm. Have been sources of ZDNet Asia that have raised the partridge, ensuring that the Seoul-based company working to have ready the Samsung Galaxy…

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Canon EOS 6D

Canon EOS 6D

The largest exhibition of photography in the world, Photokina, starts tomorrow, but brands have submitted all your materials before you arrive. Canon, the brand of reference in the world of photography points to a newly created fashion and photographers had been claiming for years: the cameras with full format sensor and low cost. Maybe the term “low cost” sound a bit like a joke when it comes to this Canon EOS 6D, which will cost €2,000 in body only, but should be considered technology we’re talking about. So far, the…

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Unblock Car: puzzle game for Android

Unblock Car

The simplest games are, in most cases, the ones that really caught our smartphone or tablet, making it the most re-playable and addictive to be found in mobile devices, focused on puzzles based on everyday situations such as a car parking. Unblock Car brings us this simple but challenging challenge through the digital Bazaar of Android Google Play, being at the top of the most downloaded free apps in the last days. Our goal: pull the vehicle out of parking in a chaotic state, taking our car the worst part…

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Take a picture with the iPhone 5 in hand

HandsonAR apps

The 12 September of this month presented the flagship of Apple, the new generation phone that introduced the intelligent name: iPhone 5. And although it has not yet reached the stores, and there is a way to have it in your hands, even virtually. This is possible thanks to the application HandsonAR. A curious utility that is based on the Augmented Reality to overlay a 3D model of this terminal on real images taken with the camera of our Android terminal. Thus, we come across a rather surprising application which,…

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Toshiba STOR.E PARTNER: portable hard drive design


Portable hard drives are one of the most common accessories today. We have not used to having a huge storage capacity in very little space. So little that we can get into the pocket 1TB of information. The Toshiba STOR.E PARTNER want to give a touch of color to a very useful peripheral, but a little bland. The key to this model is the design, without renouncing to the latest technology. This section has a quick connect USB 3.0. This is the latest version of this popular connection. It has…

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Windows 8: the best applications for Windows 8

windows 8 apps

Just a few weeks before released the new version of Microsoft operating system Windows 8, developers are still preparing its applications to fill the Microsoft apps store and get ahead in the race that can make this new software platform in the case it becomes successful. Although many of these applications are still in a previous state, we have selected five of the most interesting tools that can be found at the moment in the store of Windows 8. Soundtracker Radio If you are a music lover, this is your…

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