New Tivo Mini to watch cable TV in any room of the house

TiVo Mini

The new TiVo Mini allows us to bring the cable programming to any room in the house without having another DVR. There is also a cable, but not for what you believe. The Mini does not have an internal tuner, which is also why not have a CableCARD slot. Instead, it is based on one of four tuners on a TiVo Premiere for live TV. TiVo owners with only dual tuner models have no chance since the Mini requires at least one of four tuners. The cable mentioned earlier is…

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Samsung HomeSync: Media center for the whole family

Samsung HomeSync

Samsung does not want to neglect the home segment and has launched the Samsung HomeSync, a media player that offers much more, wanting to become the center display and synchronization of multimedia content in our house, thanks to its internal hard drive with a capacity of 1TB storage and content synchronization unit with which we can assign a private space in the internal memory of this gadget for each family member, with separate username and password to access it. This option is the most interesting part of the HomeSync and…

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A Guide To Blu-Ray

Blu ray Player

When DVD’s first emerged in the 1990’s, many were blown away by the dramatic increase in sound and picture quality compared to the fuzzy, wobbly VHS of yesteryear. With access to specific scenes at the push of a button and behind the scenes bonus features, it was a huge leap forward in technology. But times have moved on and DVD’s are starting to look like the dated format, with the arrival of Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray Explained With several times the resolution of DVD and as good a sound quality as the…

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Sonos PlayBar: Wireless soundbar for home theater

Sonos PlayBar

Apparently the throwing of sound bars is turning a fashion or tendency on the part of the manufacturers of audio accessories and on this occasion Sonos presents PlayBar to act as wireless audio player for our home theater, which includes the not despicable at all sum of nine individual loudspeakers in its interior, three treble and six media. It is designed to be placed below the TV, although it could also be used vertically in parallel to it and thanks to a sensor embedded within the Sonos Playbar sound would…

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Laser Light Source Projector: The most powerful projector of Sony

Laser Light Source Projector

Sony has reason to remove and chest and feels proud of his latest creation, Laser Light Source Projector technology. The Japanese giant gets his projector family to talk about and is placed at the top of the ladder with an innovative laser device. Not any projection system, Sony claims is the most powerful in its class and the first model of the world that features 3LCD technology. It follows the popular design VPL-FH36 you see in the image model considered the best of its kind in European lands. The chassis…

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ClamCase Pro: Accessory to transform your iPad into a Macbook

ClamCase Pro

Today we will talk of Apple accessories in the world, and in this case specifically for the brand tablet, iPad. This is not an accessory either as the many that are currently on the market, if not a housing with a very clear promise, since it promises us to transform our Apple tablet on a computer of the same apple brand of. And so, ClamCase Pro, said to be the accessory to transform your iPad into a Macbook.

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Music Magpie: Get Paid for the Unwanted Media Lying Around at Home

music magpie

Are you worried about the unwanted CDs, DVDs and Games that are collecting dust in your shelves? Here’s your solution! is here with its internet portal which helps you to dispose off any unwanted stuff you may have at your home. This is helpful in various ways. Something unwanted for you may be useful for some other person. Therefore, you can dispose off that item at a good cost and the buyer can have his much needed product for a price which is usually much lesser than the actual…

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Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 incorporates a tablet as keyboard, phone and camera

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

What would combine a phone, a digital camera and a laptop into one? Better yet, use your smartphone as the 8-inch computer keyboard… would be great and this is precisely the new proposal of Fujitsu with its LIFEBOOK 2013. Prashant Chandra proposes a startling concept of portable technology, incorporates a tablet, phone and camera. Dubbed the Lifebook and seen as a concept in 2013, this original unity is what we would call a modular device.

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Pebble: A clock with e-reader screen


We live in a world of screens, but there are many, and we have seen them being protagonists of many types of gadgets. However, so far, of technology that carry e-readers, which save us battery and at the same time the view gets tired less, had not come out of its sector. And as this was the case so far, because now Pebble is willing to change things, as has shown in the CES 2013. Pebble is a watch with e-reader screen which we have seen long ago, but that…

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Gorilla Glass 3 will be presented in CES 2013

Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla Glass is a name that rings with force in the panorama of the world of touch technology, in particular on almost any device that has to do with a quality touch screen. And is that brand has managed to demonstrate that carry one of its crystals is synonym of bring quality and protection for the gadget, and almost all the large terminals of tablets and smartphones have signed up to get their challenges with it.

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