Sony SmartWatch 2: Again with smart watches!

Sony SmartWatch 2

Honestly, I sometimes do not understand the manufacturers. It is assumed that the customer is always right, but they do when they want, skip the clause and we try to put on your eyes so that neither time has managed to sell. That is the impression I have of the event for the presentation of the Sony Smartwatch 2, which seems that they were showing a new super-invention, when smart watches already have been on the market and have not gotten the attention of majority audiences.

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Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung has presented in London the ATIV Q, the new convertible laptop “tablet” of the South Korean with operating system Windows 8. It is a device with 13.3-inch screen that although the new Microsoft operating system allows users to use Android applications via Google Play. The event Samsung Galaxy & ATIV in London has left its mark ATIV with Windows 8 with the introduction of two new devices. Along with the “tablet” ATIV Tab 3, Samsung has shown the world from London the new convertible ATIV. Laptop is convertible into…

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MobileLite Wireless: A hard drive that is also mobile charger

MobileLite Wireless

Kingston Digital Europe has launched MobileLite Wireless, the evolution of its “hard disk” for IOS and Android devices. This new gadget is sort of card reader for mobile devices, regardless of offering extra storage, can charge the battery terminals. It is priced at 49.99 euros. MobileLite is the new generation of portable wireless storage device Wi-Drive, which launched in 2011 to Kingston Apple and Android devices. That device worked as an external memory that connected via Bluetooth to provide some extra GB of space to store documents, audio, video or…

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Working a relay using a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

The way technology goes in and out of fashion these days is truly amazing. Gadgets are replaced by new gadgets and they in turn are replaced by newer still! With this rapid pace set by modern technology, hobbyists and people who like to delve in electronics find solace in cool black boxes like Raspberry pi and you know what; they simply love it! Raspberry Pi is a very small (and the term used to describe it is credit card sized) programmable device which can be used for fun, utility and…

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Wooden keyboard for Mac: The latest accessories for Apple

wooden keyboard

If you are someone who does not know how to live without customizing your gadgets, because seems that as they leave the factory are really something uninteresting, something that makes it all the same, we think you should take a look to the fitting that we bring our blog today, but for now it is just a project in process in search of funds, could get very far away. And even more with the success of the customizations between the exclusive users of Apple. In this case we are referring…

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LG shows its new smart appliances

LG Eco Door

LG Electronics has presented in InnoFest 2013 its new range of smart appliances that allow consumers to better savings, comfort, and even health benefits. The South Korean firm showed a double door refrigerator Eco Door and its new second-generation washing technology 6 Motion Direct Drive 2.0, as well as the oven Charcoal Lighting Heater, Hom-Bot Square. “The LG smart appliances are characterized by offering consumers a great value and tangible benefits in their day to day”, explained Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the division of LG Electronics Home Appliance.

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BluRay, DVD and CD Duplicators

BluRay Duplicators

The new DSR models of Mediagraphics are the most advanced equipment duplication Blu Ray, DVD and CD. The equipments come in towers whose settings are 1-16 recorders with SATA technology. In the same equipment with multidrive technology, the users can double both DVDs and CDs in different formats. The BluRay versions duplicated BluRay, DVD and CD in all its formats. The duplication equipments have a CPU or controller Athena and burners are Pioneer SATA, LG and Samsumg, every generation that guarantee more than 50,000 hours of normal production.

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Genius bet on gaming mouse for left and right handed


Today we talk about the world of gaming and entertainment, but not in the world of video games and consoles, but within computer games every time are preferred by millions of players around the world for the fact that no extra equipment is required to be able to roll with them. And now Genius bet on a gaming mouse for left and right handed. Which you can see in the picture, by the way is quite showy for what it offers the accessory is not another thing that the model…

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Panasonic is committed to a pocket projector

panasonic pocket projector

While smartphones are the exception to the rule that technology is more advanced all the smaller, the fact is that the other gadgets and accessories have chosen to be resized and shrinking. In our blog we have seen cameras greatly reduced in size. Not to forget the cards, both the data storage as the own SIMs of the operators. And in this case, the actual example of the hand we have the world of accessories, with the commitment of Panasonic and its new pocket projector. It is that you can…

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If the battery matter, Cowon is your player

Cowon player

Probably for many, when it comes to choosing a gadget, what matters most to them is not the design, nor the screen that was so much in fashion to be the last, but the most important thing there is the autonomy that offers them, these everlasting careers are avoided, in the least opportune moments to find where to load it. And taking advantage of the fact that it s been a long time since we talked about the music players, and that in reality the iPod continues to dominate the…

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