Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, announced for iPhone and Android

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Good news for fans of the Grand Theft Auto series, and it is that while we are still waiting for that Rockstar is anime to reveal deeply the fifth installment of this franchise open world, users of Android and iOS operating system of Apple, will soon receive acclaimed GTA: Vice City, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of this game. As happened last year with GTA III, smartphones and tablets will again experience the freedom of movement offered by GTA, with one of the most emblematic of the…

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Fiasco The Cat: manages disaster of this sweet kitty

Fiasco The Cat

Fiasco The Cat is the latest game from 2K Play Studio Mobile for mobile phones and just landed squarely on iPhone, Android and Amazon Kindle tablet. The game can be downloaded completely free to try out the first level and stay with honey on the lips. A full version that includes six rooms with more than 45 different levels and two types of difficulty. Fiasco The Cat is based on a lot of fun mini-games that we will use the touch screen of our smartphone in several different ways. In…

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Bad Piggies: new game from the creators of Angry Birds

Bad Piggies

Finally we will not see the Angry Birds in the enemy attacking green pigs, stars of the new game from Rovio, Bad Piggies. The game will be once more than physical and skill, a genre that the Finnish company knows how to work perfectly from the beginning with Angry Birds. The creators of this popular series of mobile games announced earlier this month the launch of this title, to reach both the App Store and Google Play on September 27, both in the form of payment as totally free. As…

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Super Slim PlayStation 3: Sony announces a new version of PlayStation 3

Super Slim PlayStation 3

It was rumored in recent months that the Japanese company Sony was preparing a review of its home console, PlayStation 3, or by the ideas of the company were not yet interested in the next generation of consoles and a series of images a slightly thinner PlayStation 3. Finally the rumor has become reality and Sony has announced the model Super Slim PlayStation 3. During his speech at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony has also revealed its release date: September 28 and October 12, depending on the model that we…

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Unblock Car: puzzle game for Android

Unblock Car

The simplest games are, in most cases, the ones that really caught our smartphone or tablet, making it the most re-playable and addictive to be found in mobile devices, focused on puzzles based on everyday situations such as a car parking. Unblock Car brings us this simple but challenging challenge through the digital Bazaar of Android Google Play, being at the top of the most downloaded free apps in the last days. Our goal: pull the vehicle out of parking in a chaotic state, taking our car the worst part…

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Brave: the game of the new Pixar movie and PS3

Brave Video Game

Although it took a little more than expected, Sony has confirmed that it is available in stores Brave: The Video Game, a title based on the new animated film from Disney Pixar’s, Brave (untamed), which is currently succeeding in theaters. Brave: The Video Game, based on the adventures of the film and its own protagonist, Merida, a heroic and skilful goalie who will have to overcome a thousand dangers based on skill, intelligence and bravery, attributes that will be tested the player throughout the game. In addition and in order…

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The Nintendo Wii U will arrive on November

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo does not go through one of its best years, but several months ago they are pinning their hopes of salvation in a new console: the Wii U. Submitted for over a year and little understood after the show, the Wii U will be released by end now, before Christmas. Since Nintendo ensures that, with the new system of “asymmetric game”, it will offer users more options and variety of game than ever. To accompany the launch, they have created two packs, one basic and one premium, with “list of…

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Miiverse: The social network of Nintendo


The Japanese Nintendo has realized that their competitors are gaining much ground in the world of online games. Hence, the company announced the launch of Miiverse, a kind of social network users with the new Wii U aims to counter the brand to other already established such as Playstation 3 or Xbox, Sony and Microsoft respectively. As explained in the presentation of the system the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, “Its can not only connect people in a better way in the same room, but also connects people from room…

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Laser Gamer Mouse Elite GM-4800

laser gamer mouse Elite GM-4800

Trust has launched a new mouse designed to meet the needs of the more gamers by adapting to the required sensitivity in each moment of the game. Very ergonomic design fits in the palm of hand and allows a firmer grip thanks to its soft rubber finish. In addition to the red and black body side rubber grips, highlights the colorful touch to bring the LEDs that change color to indicate how we are using the mouse. This peripheral sticks out because you can adjust the sensitivity dpi by pressing…

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