Ryptide: The lifeguards drone


Not only serve to take spectacular photos or send pizzas; the drones can also have a utility something richer than those we know today. To test this, a group of students from King Low Heywood Thomas, in the US, develop Ryptide, a project that seeks to create a drone that is capable of performing the work of lifeguards on the coasts. Ryptide is a regular drone, a small four propeller helicopter that in an emergency can be manipulated to distance for rapidly assist a person in the middle of the…

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Patin, the Assistant robot for the home with multiple functions


The household robots are still far from having the image of a humanoid that sweeping or cleaning the kitchen, but slowly developments point to occupy that place with different designs. On this occasion, the Patin prototype of Flower Robotics aims to create a platform for artificial intelligence and its mobility system. The particularity of Patin, a French name chosen by its creators in reference to a skate, lies in the possibility of extending the functions and features of the robot by adding special modules. You can connect a lamp or…

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Designing tiny robots that can travel inside the body

tiny robots

In 1987 was released, with a moderate impact and more successful, unusual Travel [Innerspace], a science fiction film inspired by a novel by Isaac Asimov, who told the story of a group of scientists who are miniaturized, together with a ship, and injected into the bloodstream of a man to study it and, why not, heal him inside. This argument, which 30 years ago seemed to us absolutely crazy, is something closer to becoming a reality today. Several years ago that comes to work on the idea of creating robots…

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Toshiba launches Android receptionist who communicates by sign language

Aiko Chihara

The technology fair CEATEC 2014 that is being developed in Japan, Toshiba surprised everyone with the staging of the so-called “Aiko Chihara”, a receptionist by other remarkable. Why? Because it is a next-generation programmable robot. It is an android with the ability to communicate through sign language and voice that combines well with the movements programmed by their creators. The robot is very similar to a human’s physical characteristics.

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The MIT presented a feline robot that can run and jump hurdles

cheetah robot

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a robot that mimics the movements of the cheetah; it can jump obstacles and run through the grass 16 kilometers per hour without help; while it can reach almost 50 miles per hour on a treadmill, assisted with cables. “The cheetah is the fastest land animal on Earth, able to accelerate to 96.5 mph in just seconds. As accelerates to its maximum speed, pumped legs in unison, jumping up to the canter” details the MIT in a statement. With that…

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Jibo, an electronic assistant for home

jibo robot

Without the design and appearance of other androids seeking to interact with humans, Jibo aims to be a center of family entertainment and educational content. Some are powerful and accurate arm to work in factories, while others have features that emulate a human face almost perfectly: the robots want to go beyond the repetitive tasks set to move to a more friendly relationship with people. In its own way, and without taking the physiognomy that have the Androids, Jibo seeks to position itself as a home reference robot. Recognizes natural…

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A Japanese Museum hired two androids as guides

Otonaroid and Kodomoroid

Far from the crude but effective aspect of industrial robots, the new generation of humanoid looking polishes their strengths in interacting in real life with a series of developments that resemble their creators. While some seek to create a bond of closeness with friendly design, as with the recent model presented by Softbank called Pepper, others point to perfectly reproduce the features of a person. Known as Otonaroid and Kodomoroid these two gynoid, robots with feminine traits were presented at the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. Its…

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Create a robot capable of catching everything that will be thrown

robot catching everything

Engineers of United States created a robotic hand able to catch objects in the air at 2 milliseconds. Its creators believe it could be perfect to collect space junk. How they do it? This robot is able to calculate and predict the path of an approaching object in the air and move hand to the correct position at full speed to catch it instantly. The robotic arm is 1.5 meters long and has three joints and multiple sensors and cameras that capture all the information needed.

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A robot managed to solve the Rubik’s cube in less than 4 seconds

CubeStormer 3 robot

Developed with Lego bricks and equipped with a Samsung Galaxy S4 as brain, CubeStormer 3 resolved in 3.253 seconds and improved its previous record of 5.5 seconds, recorded in 2011. The CubeStormer 3 robot, developed with lego bricks and equipped with a smartphone camera, managed to overcome their own brand to solve the Rubik cube in 3.253 seconds. So prior, chipmaker ARM recorded a mark of 5.5 seconds in 2011, which was matched by the Dutch Mats Valk two years later, recording a 5.55 seconds and consecrated as the fastest…

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Google’s new robots show its value in the DARPA competition

google new robot

That Google has not gone shopping and has brought any robotics company has been demonstrated in the DARPA competition this year. The different tests related rescue situations have been dominated by several robots companies that Google has recently acquired. The overall winner was the humanoid robot of the Schaft company, which got more points than their rivals in the 8 tests in which was to DARPA challenge this year, inspired by the Fukushima disaster. Among the evidence were challenges for driving a small vehicle, make holes in the wall, pick…

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