OpenStreetMap implements function of routes


OpenStreetMap, the great collaborative and free alternative to commercial maps services, announces that it incorporates features of its web portal planning of routes between two points, on foot, by bike and car. As explained in the blog project this very basic function, present in neither other services so long, nor it is new to OpenStreetMap, because through third party developers such a possibility, including applications for mobile devices. The novelty is its implementation on the official site.

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Twitter now allows private group conversations and post videos natively

Twitter Group DM

The platform offers the possibility of exchanging DM among several users, in addition to record and publishes direct small productions of 30 seconds in length directly, without using external applications. The group conversations on Twitter now able to move to a quieter area of the hand of direct message group, a feature that the company just introduced. So far, DM (Direct Messages) could only engage between two users, but with this new feature, members of the microblogging platform may start a private conversation with one or more persons from scratch,…

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The Google modular phone seeks to take its first steps in Puerto Rico

google modular phone

The US Company will launch sometimes this year its pilot program in the Caribbean nation to boost their smartphone model that you can customize their performance of hardware using various interchangeable parts… Google will present this year in Puerto Rico a modular phone as part of a pilot program that will allow people to choose their own hardware based on their needs and interests. The company will partner with the Claro telecommunications operator, based in Mexico, and the local operator Open Mobile to offer the phone which is part of…

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The brain reconfigures all the time by the use of smartphone

use of smartphone

The use of touch screens completely changed the way people interact with mobile phones and tablets. Apart from the changes caused in the industry, also found that there is a particular brain activity among mobile users. Neuroscientists at the University of Zurich and Zurich Polytechnic discovered that brain activity is reconfigured steadily after analyzing the movements made ​​by users on their smartphones together with brain activity recorded using an electroencephalogram, according to a study published in

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Google plans to launch online services designed for children

online services for children

Internet services, social networks and mobile devices are resources and tools developed and used by adults, but in recent years have begun to be appropriate for children and youth. Even Facebook, the large dominant social networking platform only support users over 13 years, although not surprising that children enter with lacking data or with the assistance of their parents. That’s why the company led by Mark Zuckerberg evaluates change this rule. Beyond the risks of raid the kids in the virtual world, the fact is that technology companies have begun…

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The creator of Preguntados will launch an application to enter into the competitive world of mobile chat

Maximo Cavazzani

Maximo Cavazzani of Etermax, the company behind the popular trivia game, bet on instant messaging service for mobile phones to WhatsApp style, focused on the social exchange of text, pictures and multimedia content. In the hands of Apalabrados, a title which reached its success in the market, and Preguntados, trivia mobile application based on social contacts in Facebook, the Argentine company Etermax plans to get directly into a foreign segment at a glance: IM from smartphones.

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The image publication service Twitpic announced its closing after a conflict with Twitter

image publication service Twitpic

The image publication service Twitpic will be shutting down on September 25 due to a lawsuit of Twitter by the abuse of the brand. In addition, the company said it would deny access to the application interface (API), necessary for the operation of the service of publication of images, Twitpic kept its name. “Our application has been registered since 2009, but unfortunately do not have the resources of a company the size of Twitter to keep our brand. That’s Why we decided to cancel Twitpic” said Noah Everett, founder of…

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Microsoft plans to launch an application to create videos in hyperlapse

create videos in hyperlapse

The company experienced a new function for mobile devices to capture video on the technique known to time-lapse mode combine with camera shake and achieve a very stable movement… Microsoft experiments with an application to take videos in the first person with a technique known as hyperlapse based on combining multiple images taken at timelapse style, but here are taken with a moving camera and a stabilization process. The modality is often complex and requires special planning in the use of video cameras, but the company plans to streamline the…

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IBM and Apple partner to bring iOS to the corporate world

ibm and apple partner

IBM will partner exclusively with Apple to sell iPhones and iPads equipped with applications for business customers from the fall, the company announced yesterday. The announcement, which comes two days before IBM reports its results of the second quarter, comes as the firm intends to focus on software and services while their hardware unit continues to face problems, and after a series of acquisitions of software for mobile devices.

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Twitter plans to add an option to make purchases from a tweet

purchases from a tweet

The company made various tests to implement a function that allows users to purchase products and services platform with a “Buy now” button. Besides being a communication network, Twitter also wants to position itself as a platform for e-commerce, after learning a series of publications that had a “Buy now” button. The development was unveiled after learning a series of tweets a few items with apocryphal catalog price of a mobile store called Fancy.

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