The “gadgets” to enjoy your holiday

Stick n Find

The holidays are a time for relaxation and also very prone to misplacing belongings. Stick n Find trying to solve this problem. It is a device the size of a coin combined with an application for smartphones, allow you to locate an object. The stickers are small gadgets of 24mm x 4mm equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and thanks to its small size can adhere to a set of keys, a pair of shoes or the family cat.

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Create a gesture recognition through WiFi signals

gesture recognition

Researchers at the University of Washington developed a system that detects and recognizes human gestures based on WiFi signals. It is an alternative to current systems based on the vision of gestures such as Kinect. Users could control different appliances with a simple gesture with the hand from any room in the house. The gesture recognition systems have led to a revolution time for entertainment. This type of system, like for example Microsoft Kinect, let users play certain video games without the need to use a remote control is his…

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Computex showcases the latest in computers in Taipei


Computex, the second global computer trade fair, opens in Taipei and emphasizes touch and hybrid devices, cloud computing and updating of Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. This exhibition, organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Computer Association, hoped that the 1,724 booths 38,000 global buyers transactions by value of $25,000 million, before closing on Saturday. The Microsoft vice president of sales, Nick Parker, and senior executive in sales and the company’s finances Tami Reller announced at Computex 2013 presentation of Windows 8.1.

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Intel prepares chips that save up to 50% battery

Intel prepare chip

It seems that the world of gadgets there will be worse than the morning, at least if you look at the specifications of what is to come. Today we will talk about precisely because of a story that just filter by Intel and that we could dream of a world in which the batteries were much more durable over time. How? Well is not that Intel is going to get far in the manufacture of batteries, but their chips are much more consistent in energy sucking.

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Overheating Problems? A sticker cools all your devices

thanko sticker

The truth is that in the world of gadgets we find a lot of accessories that curious to take advantage of our devices. Today we’re going to tell of how we have changed and how in the US market offer alternatives with which solve the most common problems we encounter in the daily use of the devices. And in this case come from the hand of a little known brand, but I think it will surprise you. We talked about the stickers to keep the temperature of our gadgets. I…

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A computer monitor that controls if you pay attention to your work

Diff Displays

Researchers at the University of St Andrews (Scotland) have developed a new monitor for your computer able to tell your boss if you’re paying attention to the work that you’re doing. According to its creators, this new system would reduce distractions and increase productivity of the working day. This new device, called “Diff Displays”, is based on a camera placed on the computer screen that is able to identify whether the worker’s eyes are focused on the screen or not, according to ‘Daily Mail’, which further explains that this technology…

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Numi Comfort Height: A “high-tech” toilet with USB and Bluetooth

Numi Comfort Height

Numi Comfort Height is the new version of the sophisticated toilet by Kohler which was released a couple of years ago. Now the new model adds features to make our needs do all a pastime. It will have a USB port to directly listen to our music and a BlueTooth connection to send it from any device. This toilet comes complete with a SD card reader to import the music as well as a series of welcome messages for the raid in the bathroom a moment more enjoyable. Through the…

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The Apple iPad has sold better this quarter

Apple iPad

Apple results not to be the best of the year. But considering that the new market is crying and they do not currently being offered seems that things do not look so bad. Moreover, the iPad in all its versions i.e. both made by Apple and with particular attention to iPad mini has managed to increase its sales significantly while the iPhone seems to begin to show signs of fatigue in the market. In total, the company has managed to sell around the quarter of 2013, i.e. until March, 19.5…

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Microsoft plans to create rival to Google Glass

plans to create rival to Google Glass

Probably the most talked about gadget of all time, at least without any formalized its release to the widespread market, the Google Glass, will change the way of presenting products and make them known, as well as our daily lives so that we could seen in the promotional videos and evidence that have crept into the network. However, the expectation for Google Glass is not just something of the public, ie mortals we’ve been gawking looking at new project that we can change our daily substantially, but has also caused…

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Apple becomes world’s number one smartphone in the U.S.

Iphone Apple

It seems that things could not be better to Cupertino. At the end of the end it was shown that those rumors that the iPhone 5 did not work in the market as had been hoped collapsed while presenting the annual sales report, and now the apple celebrate another good news, or rather, one of the best news could start the year, because Apple becomes world’s number one smartphone in the U.S.. Although it may seem a figure, the truth is that it is not, first because the American market…

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