Leap: the gadget that proposes the future of the touch interface in 3D without support


Probably not the first its have seen in science fiction movies new computer screens display not needed. You know, these holographic representations in which the protagonists played, made and unmade in midair and managed to control their devices. Sure, that so far was just science fiction. Even though it may seem incredible but could be much more than that and become reality; How? As a gadget called Leap promises to make it for us. As you may have ever imagined after this introduction, Leap is actually at the moment just…

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Online Chatting Technology – How It Works

online chatting

Times have changed in the world of chat, and if you’ve missed the enormous leaps that mankind has made in the infinite pursuit of leaner, more effective communication then you must have been living under a proverbial rock for the past 20 years. However, if that is the case and you have decided to catch up to how it’s done these days, we would be happy to walk you through it like a parent ushers a child across the street while the ‘walk’ sign glows green. Pay attention, as there…

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How Tablets Are Changing Education

tablet pc

In the past decade, the popular conception of computing has shifted drastically. Tablet PC devices, innovative desktops and complex smartphones have diversified and expanded the modern world of computing. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the education sector. A Pennsylvania State University Study published in 2008 found that both students in design and non-design courses reported that their educational experience was improved by using a tablet in the classroom. Heading into 2013, tablet technology has secured its place in education.

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New details of the forthcoming Xbox 720

Xbox 720

The new console from Microsoft, known as Xbox 720, is generating many rumors already become almost realities especially after the imminent release of Wii U. According to the latest issue of Xbox World tells us more details of both components and the design of the console and its controllers. The Xbox Durango, as it is also known, would have a tetranuclear processor of four-processors and 8 GB RAM and will feature a complete renovation of all controls and accessories as we know them. According to the magazine, would have Kinect…

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Google announces Photo Sphere: a camera much more than panoramic

photo sphere

You probably already know, but had envisaged a Android event for today in New York, but because of hurricane Sandy the plans were changed, and it has therefore put on hold… On the other hand, was held in San Francisco (spared by the hurricane) on the same day an event dedicated to Windows Phone 8, new OS mobile by Microsoft. However, Google did not remained there. Indeed, the giant research has still managed to release some of its press releases dedicated to the Nexus, even before the Windows Phone 8…

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PayPal and MoneyGram allow consumers to manage their money more easily

PayPal and MoneyGram

PayPal and MoneyGram, specializes in the international transfer service, combine to allow consumers to easily access the money in their digital portfolios. And the 117 million active PayPal account holders can now deposit, send and withdraw funds from their PayPal accounts in the MoneyGram offices. The current MoneyGram network comprises more than 284 000 points in 196 countries.

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Tablets: the Android community unresponsive Apple and its iPad

android tablets

The battle of the OS also continues on the grounds of the tablets where the iPad is no longer alone in the world and where Android tablets are beginning to seriously threaten its hegemony. Without counting that Windows 8 arrive. In the third quarter tablet sales rose 43% last year to reach 24.7 million units. Over the past three months, 14 million iPads have been sold. Of sales apparently less good than expected. One reason for this, the enrichment of the offer in terms of Android tablets, passed with 10.2…

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Google Street View: provides images from the bottom of the sea

Google Street View

Google Street View is a Google application that allows us to see images as if we were at street level, with angles of 360 degrees. This powerful tool from Google with Google Earth offers us images of virtually every corner of the land surface of the planet. From now with Google Street View can also see images from the bottom of the sea, more specifically offers us images of the six most impressive marine points on the planet. Thanks to technological advances and a new special camera The Catlin Seaview…

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Gmail now allows to search for the text of the attached files

gmail search for attachments

Google appears ready to make life easier for those users who use their free tools for their personal and professional activities. Today we want to pay attention to the company’s official announcement regarding a new feature, premiered at the free email service Gmail. And is that from now on, customers of this tool will be able to search for attachments, given the name by which they were saved. This new feature will allow users to find files that were sent in a given period of time, which to date were…

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Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 11, edit, and share photos and videos

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 11

Adobe has released a new batch of their programs Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Adobe Premiere Elements 11 for editing and organizing photos and videos and share user through the network. These applications are designed to provide the user with an easier platform and accessible to the full suite of this program. Some of the additions that incorporate these programs are renewed more visual interface for Photoshop Elements 11 or new filters to your photos and videos. It will be available in the coming weeks with a price of 100…

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