LG displays a screen that can be roll up

LG Display

LG Display (part of the South Korean giant that manufactures screens) showed a flexible 18-inch OLED panel that can be rolled. It also showed a panel of the same size, but transparent. The prototype of flexible panel has a resolution of 1200 x 810, and can be a roll of 3 cm radius without affecting the operation of the screen; LG is thinking TV sets with 50-inch screens that can roll a sort of twist to classic roll-up screens that are used with the projectors. They did it by replacing…

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How does a call functions in a VoIP system?

voip call system

After detailing how it works in a conventional call, proceed to detail thoroughly a call on a complete VoIP phone systems: First: It should generate a signal from the computer or device that starts the conversation, this in turn is sent over the Internet to your computer or from your computer. Well this also depends on the type of VoIP and the company, the source and destination may be normal phones, and the call would only partially through VoIP, sometimes even without the user knows about it.

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HummingBoard, another low-cost mini computer


HummingBoard comes to compete with Raspberry Pi. Like that small computer (and others, such as Arduino or Intel NUC) offers a minimum size motherboard and relatively modest benefits: in this case, 1GHz ARM chip, 512 MB RAM and Ethernet connections, USB and the possibility of digital and analog audio, HDMI connection, mSATA, an infrared receiver and other options to assemble a computer small but complete with some variant of Linux; even they can to create an economic media player with a special version of XBMC. The novelty with respect to…

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Twitter plans to add an option to make purchases from a tweet

purchases from a tweet

The company made various tests to implement a function that allows users to purchase products and services platform with a “Buy now” button. Besides being a communication network, Twitter also wants to position itself as a platform for e-commerce, after learning a series of publications that had a “Buy now” button. The development was unveiled after learning a series of tweets a few items with apocryphal catalog price of a mobile store called Fancy.

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Manual controls coming to Android and iOS cameras

manual controls of the camera

The handset makers are betting a lot on smartphones cameras, as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And the cameras, in turn, have progressed a lot since the first models. So much so that affects the sales of pocket models and offer a more than acceptable image quality for the majority of users. And judging by the latest advances in sensors and diaphragms, this will improve. With the Lumia 1020, Nokia was the first to offer manual controls in the SLR-style for the camera phone, which go beyond…

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Motorola shows how its intelligent smart watch Moto 360 works

smart watch Moto 360

Announced as one of the first smart watches based on the Android Wear platform, Moto 360 does not have a date of release, though it is estimated to arrive sometime this winter. However, Motorola took the announcement by Google in its developer conference and in an official video showed many of the features offered by their smartwatch designed with a round touchscreen. In this short demonstration, Moto 360 design does not differ with respect to any other model of traditional watch with a leather strap, a circular metal box and…

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A Japanese Museum hired two androids as guides

Otonaroid and Kodomoroid

Far from the crude but effective aspect of industrial robots, the new generation of humanoid looking polishes their strengths in interacting in real life with a series of developments that resemble their creators. While some seek to create a bond of closeness with friendly design, as with the recent model presented by Softbank called Pepper, others point to perfectly reproduce the features of a person. Known as Otonaroid and Kodomoroid these two gynoid, robots with feminine traits were presented at the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. Its…

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Google bought Dropcam and moving towards smart home

google bought dropcam

The operation was separately confirmed last Friday the official blog of Dropcam and in the Nest Labs, the company acquired by Google earlier this year that became the automation unit dedicated to home services within the browser. The amount of the transaction was $555 million. Dropcam is a wireless service that allows cameras to monitor any movement within the home. Dropcam differential over other services they offer something similar is its easy installation and web platform that allows you to see in real time what the cameras are capturing and…

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Develop a new diaphragm for digital cameras

diaphragm for digital cameras

A development of a group of German researchers could change the way the cell phone cameras are built. The study, published in the Journal of Optics, describes an alternative way to construct the diaphragm, the element behind the lens determines how much light reaches the sensor – or film – varying its opening. Researchers from the University of Kaiserslautern created an ultrathin device (55 micrometers thick) made with concentric circles made of two layers of glass in the middle of which is a electrochromic materials, ie, which darkens or lightens…

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Amazon enters the world of smartphones with their mobile Fire

phone Fire

Amazon announced his cellphone, supplementing the supply of e-book readers, tablets and media players with the online sales giant expands its presence, and which had been talking about for a long time. The Fire is a smartphone which, like the tablets of the company, uses a modified version of Android (Fire OS 3.5), and is supplied with a store of alternative applications. It also has access to Amazon content (books, videos, music) and have unlimited photo storage in the virtual folder of the company.

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