Logitech UE Boombox: portable speaker for tablets and smartphones

Logitech UE Boombox

The Logitech UE Boombox is a portable speaker with a very solid construction. Its rounded lines are very organic. In addition, the materials used provide a futuristic. The handle is made of aluminum, and other parts are stainless steel and hardened rubber. It is very easy to move from room to room of the house. As it has little plastic and metal rather, it is a pretty tough team, even though it weighs almost close to two kilos. It works feeding on an internal rechargeable battery, which provides a range…

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Denon AH-D600: Headphones well built and very comfortable

Denon AH-D600

Denon AH-D600 very well constructed and finished in black. The manufacturer’s engineers and designers have studied four thousand people to measure the shape of the ears, head location, the length of the canal and head size. So have been able to design these headphones for that will be very ergonomic and could perfectly suit any user. The pads are pentagonal shape and padded with viscoelastic foam that preserves the memory of the forms. It is lined with highly breathable synthetic leather. The headband also is padded and covered with the…

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LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt: portable storage and resistant

LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt

The products of this French brand known for their originality and groomed. They offer an interesting combination of design and performance. And the new series LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt could not be an exception. All edges of the metal casing are protected by an orange gum. Each unit weighs 260 grams and measures just over two inches thick. It is designed for intensive use and for maximum portability. It is pretty resilient storage unit that hold a fall from 1.2 meters, though, remain immune if the accident did not…

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Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 11, edit, and share photos and videos

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 11

Adobe has released a new batch of their programs Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Adobe Premiere Elements 11 for editing and organizing photos and videos and share user through the network. These applications are designed to provide the user with an easier platform and accessible to the full suite of this program. Some of the additions that incorporate these programs are renewed more visual interface for Photoshop Elements 11 or new filters to your photos and videos. It will be available in the coming weeks with a price of 100…

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Will be news of the Jailbreak of iOS 6 on the JailbreakCon Convention?

JailbreakCon Convention

The popularity of mobile devices like the iPhone is undoubtedly a failure but have quite cumbersome, the platform Apple is a closed system in which the user is forced to use official channels to download music, applications or customize the device. This is the reason why born the Jailbreak, this method avoids restrictions that Apple imposes and allows you to download applications from Cydia, the alternative app store. The possibilities offered by the Jailbreak are many and it is not surprising that millions of users around the world have applied…

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Sony presents new super thin external USB battery

external USB battery

Sony has surprised the tech world with the presentation of different smartphones within the new Xperia range. Beyond these revelations, very important for positioning of Sony Mobile at the global level, the Japanese firm wanted to provide a very interesting component or accessory for users concerned about the autonomy of its terminals. We refer to a new external battery that is presented as an important solution for users who are always on the move and need to charge handset in more than once in a day. In this way, Sony…

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Fiasco The Cat: manages disaster of this sweet kitty

Fiasco The Cat

Fiasco The Cat is the latest game from 2K Play Studio Mobile for mobile phones and just landed squarely on iPhone, Android and Amazon Kindle tablet. The game can be downloaded completely free to try out the first level and stay with honey on the lips. A full version that includes six rooms with more than 45 different levels and two types of difficulty. Fiasco The Cat is based on a lot of fun mini-games that we will use the touch screen of our smartphone in several different ways. In…

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How to watch videos and flash web pages on iPhone and iPad with this app

Puffin Browser

It’s been more than five years since Steve Jobs took the stage to unveil the mobile phone that literally revolutionized the industry; of course we mean the iPhone. From the beginning, Apple was very clear line to follow future updates, both for good and for bad. One of the most pronounced shortcomings of all iPhone models do not offer support for websites developed with Adobe Flash Platform, although there have been rumors that the brand would continue to offer this service keeping true to this policy. The reason not to…

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Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino T250: luxury headphones

Logic3 Cavallino T250

The emblem of the team’s of the rampant horse is seared in selected luxury products, as these headphones. Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino T250, a circumaural closed type with a design inspired by family cars Ferrari GT. It is really elegant with an exquisite finish. The materials chosen for construction are reminiscent of the dashboard of these high-end cars. The skeleton of the headband, the hinges and the fastening system of the two shells are made of metals such as aluminum, a lightweight and durable, while very modern looking. The headband…

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Samsung 840 Pro SSD: SSD cards with very high speeds

Samsung 840 Pro SSD

Samsung has introduced a new SSD, a storage device that is experiencing significant growth due to its use in the tablets and the emergence of ultrabooks (thin and powerful laptops sponsored by Intel). The Korean company is betting big on this platform that is destined to eventually replace hard drives, but its price is still the main obstacle. The new Samsung 840 Pro SSD feature read speeds of 540 MB/s and write 520 MB/s, which is a significant improvement over previous models. The Korean company decided to focus on developing…

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