Sony SmartEyeGlass for developer will cost €670

Sony SmartEyeGlass

After Google decided to side with Google Glass, recognizing that things did not go as expected, Sony continues his idea to market their SmartEyeglass, which as we advance some features. After months of development the company has decided to launch a version of his glasses in 10 countries intended for developers, the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 , which in the Eurozone will the price of 670 euro, which come to be about $840 for Americans.

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ASUS VivoWatch: Next smartwatch under Microsoft Health?

Asus VivoWatch

With its sleek look and a price just under $200, ASUS ZenWatch pleasantly surprised, and received a lot of positive reviews when it was launched. Today, it seems that ASUS is preparing to launch another model, The VivoWatch. Indeed, a new ASUS entry appeared in the database of the Bluetooth SIG. As it is usually the case, there are not many details on the device – only its name VivoWatch, it is manufactured by ASUS, and it offers support for Bluetooth 4.0. There are obviously more technical details about Bluetooth;…

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Samsung new egg-shaped speakers and point in all directions

Samsung WAM7500

Samsung new wireless speakers under the same egg-shaped design and looks like a small robot, which could have come out of film A Space Odyssey, or an element of the game Portal. There are two different models mainly differ in size and mobility opportunities. Both are intended to send sound in all directions. The Samsung WAM7500 is a larger speaker, designed to stay fixed on a point of the room, while the WAM6500, is smaller and has internal battery. For the projection of that “omnidirectional” sound, Samsung unveils proprietary technology…

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MB Chronowing, HP Smart Watch

MB Chronowing

Who says what a smart watch? What is it that you would smart? Does the right time to do so capable enough? There is a maximum of design, which does not always apply, but sometimes it helps to understand some decisions, which says less is more; and this is what Michael Bastian understood, fashion designer responsible for creating the first intelligent clock for HP. In the middle of the race to secure a space in dressing technologies and anxiety that printed the entire market of the Apple Watch, HP used…

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Create a homemade microscope with a smartphone and a 3D printer

homemade microscope

It costs less than a dollar and can provide up to increases 1000; adds to the line of inexpensive accessories that seek to create inexpensive laboratory tools and easy to use for developing countries. With multiple features, smartphones have become the new knife of the digital age. These are no longer only mobile phones to become small handheld computers with various functions, by applications or additional accessories. That’s how researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA) managed to transform a smartphone into a powerful and economical portable microscope thanks…

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Apple introduced its smart watch

Apple Smart Watch

After presenting iPhone 6 in two versions: 4.7 and 5.5 inches, Apple made the highlight for closing the event to showcase its Smart Clock Watch with a design that resembles one of the versions of the iPod Nano, with square touch screen made of sapphire crystal. At the back features a number of sensors on the bottom to record various vital signs such as heart rate and keep track of the user’s physical activities. It will only be compatible with all three versions of the iPhone 5 and two of…

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Samsung and LG presented new smart watches


Samsung and LG agreed to submit substantial smart watches in the country, promising to offer them worldwide between October and December. South Korean companies are not alone: in the framework of IFA (which will be from 5 to 10 September in Berlin), Sony is expected to renew its line of watches and Asus officially present its smartwatch, the Zenwatch. SAMSUNG GEAR S The Gear S is the sixth company smart watch, and combines two previous designs to provide Supler AMOLED screen, square as The Gear 2 but curve as that…

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Set the standard for the new reversible USB

reversible USB

The next USB connector is reversible. The group that promotes this standard; announced it last December; and in April the first images of met what could be the new record. But the design is finalized: the USB Promoter Group announced the type-C connector (the current ones are A and B) for the USB. What is its greatest strength? It is reversible, i.e., do not meet its position when inserted into the USB port. That’s the good news, like the fact that it allows more bandwidth for data transfer (10 Gbps)…

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Peugeot and LoJack launched an app to locate cars

Car Safe

Just as mobile phones and tablets can be administered remotely through the use of GPS, vehicles can also use this technology to expand the services and benefits that it can have on hand in the driver, beyond using the hands-free service or synchronize a smartphone. Thus, functions as locating a vehicle in a parking lot or limit its use to certain areas using a mobile phone are now possible by applying Car Safe, developed jointly by Peugeot and the company of localization and recovered from vehicles LoJack and available exclusively…

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Sony launches HD Walkman to compete with the iPod

Walkman ZX1

Just under 13 years ago Apple presented the first model of iPod, the digital music player that would dethrone the Walkman. For that moment was nearly two decades that the tape player, compact disc and then was synonymous with portable music. However, before long the iPod managed to steal the throne and put it to the disappearance. Now, 35 years after its launch, Sony takes revenge and seeks to reclaim its leadership in the segment of portable music. How will they do it? With its brand new Walkman ZX1, a…

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