A pocket antenna allows you to create a network of own chat


GoTenna, a device that allows you to create a wireless communications network for medium range where there is no cell phone service, using any Android phone or iPhone, and an antenna that can enter into any backpack, and has its own battery. The idea behind GoTenna is to allow anyone who has that antenna to communicate with other users relatively nearby, in areas where no mobile phone service, and rural areas, mountains, places where the congestion charge falls – a stadium – other countries not to pay roaming, and so…

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Motorola shows how its intelligent smart watch Moto 360 works

smart watch Moto 360

Announced as one of the first smart watches based on the Android Wear platform, Moto 360 does not have a date of release, though it is estimated to arrive sometime this winter. However, Motorola took the announcement by Google in its developer conference and in an official video showed many of the features offered by their smartwatch designed with a round touchscreen. In this short demonstration, Moto 360 design does not differ with respect to any other model of traditional watch with a leather strap, a circular metal box and…

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A device can charge a cell battery in 30 seconds

charge cell battery

A new prototype developed by an Israeli company promises to complete the battery charge a cell phone in under a minute. With its origins in the Department of nanotechnology of the University of Tel Aviv, StoreDot presented a device based on peptides, a series of molecules made up of amino acids that can be used to reduce drastically the loading time of electronic devices. The demonstration, held at the conference of Microsoft Think Next, it was made with a Samsung Galaxy S4, but this Israeli start-up plans to adapt this…

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TP-Link TL-PA8010 joins the club of the 1 Gbps PLC

TP-Link TL-PA8010

If in the world of the PLC adapters as usual up to now was to speak of 500 Mbps speed as a usual transfer, TP-link opens the era of the powerline to 1 Gbps in its catalog and thus joins other companies to focus on in this category for 2014. TP-Link TL-PA8010 Model has been developed as the Home Plug AV2 standard, and may provide an actual speed of up to 1 Gbps, so that it adapts to the improvement that the WiFi connectivity to which is often complemented or…

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ZTE Projector Hotspot

ZTE Projector Hotspot

In its new invention, ZTE has given by mixing different devices in one, as different as a point to share WiFi from a LTE connection, extra battery, and a projector, all in a portable size. It is called ZTE Projector Hotspot, which are taught in the CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and it seems that the gadget is having acceptance despite its rarity. The ZTE Projector Hotspot features 4G connectivity that serves as an operator, and it is responsible for partitioning between devices – up to eight – in the…

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Walkman WM-2: less than 300 grams for a portable cassette player is a miracle

Sony Walkman WM-2

Sony surprised us all two years ago with the launch of the original Walkman. The player was too bulky and heavy, and Sony should rethink its strategy if it wanted to fail with this a priori interesting proposal. The new Sony Walkman WM-2 is just what we asked for the Japanese company. The team of Japanese engineers has ensured that the volume of this new Walkman is not much more than the belt housing, and also has improved the design with less weight and the introduction of color. The design…

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Piixl jetpack, hiding the steam machine behind the tv

Piixl jetpack

New Steam Machines must come with designs and different ideas of what we can expect from a traditional desktop console, a good example is Piixl jetpack. The name already invites us to think that it is something that goes in the back, in this case the back of your television. That’s the Pixxl idea; hide the playground equipment behind the screen, instead of a box that would occupy a space in our furniture.

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New Creative T4-Wireless Speaker System

Creative T4-Wireless Speaker

Creative is selling its new sound system Creative T4-Wireless. It is a 2.1 wireless speaker system that features the latest technology in sound and communications. It is designed for use any corner in the house, given its small size. This new Creative series is the GigaWorks T3 successor, which was several times awarded for its excellent audio quality and comfort thanks to wireless technology. It comes equipped with aptX and AAC codecs technology, obtaining with this a high resolution sound even though the communication with the device is done via…

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Samsung HW-F850, sound bar with NFC

Samsung HW-F850

Samsung has introduced its new concept of soundbar, the HW-F850. It is an ideal model to combine with the most modern 60″ LED TVs. It has with NFC technology, allowing linked to any device that has this wireless communication technology, as the most modern Smartphones and Tablets. In addition, if an older device it is also no problem since can connect via Bluetooth too, thanks to Soundshare technology, which also provided.

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WD My Passport Air: 1TB hard drive for Mac

WD My Passport Air

Western Digital has just introduced a new portable hard drive My Passport Air of 1TB for Mac users. As you know is one of the most pioneering brands in storage technology and network equipment. It is raised as a complement and perfect companion for the designs of the MacBook and MacBook Air, following the line of pure aluminum outer shell with a thickness of 11mm to provide greater security to the device and therefore its contents.

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