The new SD cards will support 4K video

SD Ultra High Speed

The SD Association has just published a new specification of the SD standard called Ultra High Speed ​​(UHS) Class 3 (U3), aiming to ensure that SD cards that comply with it will be able to work with content in 4K quality. Of course, the new cards are compatible with current devices. The paper presented the SD Association specifies that the new cards should offer a minimum transfer rate of 30 Mbytes per second, a figure more than enough to record or play 4K video with full fluency. So far, the…

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AMD Radeon R9 290, launch

AMD Radeon R9 290

AMD completes the new generation of 200 series dedicated graphics cards with the launch of the Radeon R9 290, second version with “Hawaii” core and cropped R9 Radeon 290x edition but with a very interesting price to specifications. Cousin of the Radeon 290x R9, R9 290 shares its most features, starting with the same core graphics Hawaii, BCM 1.1 architecture, manufacturing by TSMC 28-nanometer processes, 6,200 million transistors, the memory interface of 512 bits or dedicated 4GB GDDR5.

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AMD APUs have better performance with Windows 8.1


AMD has revealed on his official blog that its APUs has experienced increased performance with Windows 8.1, the new major upgrade the current operating system of Microsoft. Indeed, the performance of a component is affected, in essence, not only by its own ability, but also by the degree of optimization software to run and its drivers. We developed where lies the key to this increase in performance and if, you have right. AMD has worked closely with the Redmond giant to improve simultaneously all such elements so that the user…

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MediaTek prepares economic SoCs with 64-bit CPUs

ARM Cortex A7

The well-known Taiwanese company, responsible for many SoCs based on the ARM Cortex A7 architecture, has been one of major firms that have contributed with its products to the arrival of tablets and smartphones with a great price-performance ratio. Today we know that MediaTek not think complacency of success and already preparing their next move, the development of economic SoCs equipped with 64-bit based CPUs, of course, in the ARMv8 architecture.

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TP-Link launches new TL-PA6010KIT: the world’s smallest PLC


TP-Link has launched its new TL-PA6010KIT, a product that, so far, can boast of being the world’s smallest PLC. It is a universal wireless adapter with V600 technology which allows our WiFi connection to every corner of our House, using any normal plug. Its features include the following: High speed data transfer up to 600 Mbps within a radius of 300 meters. Ideal for use bandwidth intensive HD video or streaming of HD video in 3D and online games. Easy to install, ust plug them and they are ready patented…

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Intel Atom Z3000: Detail the new chip for tablets

Intel Atom Z3000

Before its official launch at the next IDF 2013, have leaked slides of the Intel Atom Z3000 that will be used by the chip giant to promote its new weapon for the market of the tablet electronics. A market largely dominated by ARM designs with RISC developments being able to put on the ropes the world’s leading manufacturer of microprocessors, which Intel can not afford to Revolution mobility devices. For this reason, has developed the Bay Trail platform with the Intel Atom Z3000 – which delivers highly the most ambitious…

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Confirmed: Galaxy GEAR be available in five colors

Galaxy GEAR

After an initial drought information about Galaxy GEAR has skyrocketed. We already knew the possible specifications of the future smart watch of the Korean giant and its supposed release date. Now, thanks to a new leak, we could see the colors that will be available. According to information leaked during week 39 of the year, that is, from 23 to 29 September, the Galaxy GEAR will be available in white, black, gray and orange. A week later, between September 30 and October 6, will also be available in white gold.…

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Harman Kardon introduces new 2700 and 3700 AV receivers

2700 and 3700 AV receivers

The firm Harman Kardon specializes in speakers and HiFi audio equipment, has put on sale two new receivers for audio/video, models AVR 3700 and AVR 2700 for high-end consumer market. If you want to build a good system of ‘home theater’ nothing better than having one of these AV receivers that are to receive, decode, process, amplify and transmit audio and video signals from multiple sources. An ‘all in one’ with wide range of audio/video inputs to be connected consoles, CD/DVD players, PC games, Blu-ray, multimedia equipment or Blu-ray, and…

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VaVeliero Water Shield: Perfect case for going to the beach

VaVeliero Water Shield

Probably in the summer when we spent hours and hours on beaches, swimming pools and other outdoor places to enjoy the sun, heat, and if possible get some tan, for many the problem of being able to take their mobile devices is more than clear, the water, sand, dust, dirt or moisture can end up making them unusable. But like everything, or almost everything is invented today we will talk about a fixture intended for any of this to be a problem, as we refer to the universal case VaVeliero…

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